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It is definitely worth sitting down and reviewing your health insurance arrangements more frequently, because getting some comprehensive health insurance quotes can reassure you that it can be affordable to give you and your family peace of mind. It is a trueism that the value of health is seldom measured until it is lost. Indeed, like death and taxes, it is something that we don't give much thought to until we feel under the weather or are involved in an accident. Yet in 2011 an estimated 16.7% of people in the United States had no health insurance, which equates to over 50 million people without health insurance provision! And of the rest some 26.7% were covered only by Medicare.

But medicare does not pay for hospitalization of longer than 150 days, or long term care, or nursing homes, and it only pays about half the health care costs of seniors. Also, people are limited in the amount of outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy they can undergo. To name just a few limitations if you don't have health insurance. And according to current estimates Medicare could be insolvent by 2026. So Health Insurance can be a good way of taking control of your own and your familes medical needs, and acts as a good backup.

Indeed, when you consider that over a half of all personal bankruptcy filings stated 'medical expenses' as the cause, it becomes even clearer why getting adequate health insurance protection is so vital.

For anyone considering health insurance plans there can seem to be a bewildering array of choices. And health care plans can vary greatly from ones that will pay most of your health care expenses for any serious injury or illness, to others that will pay only part of your bills or only for certain specific injuries or illnesses. So it is important to be sure exactly what you are covered for, and how much you might have to pay in different scenarios for your health insurance.

What is for sure though is that ill health or accidents can strike any of us down when we least expect it. There were an estimated 10,200,000 motor vehicle accidents in the US in 2008 (the last figures released up to April 2011). And of those there were about 2,346,000 million injuries and 39,000 people killed. Now that is a scary statistic, but it is worth remembering that none of those people expected the worst, and that planning for your future with health insurance is best done whilst you are still healthy!

Remember, 39,000 people may have died. But there were another 2,307,000 who probably had to go to hospital, and were glad they had health insurance to cover the cost!

So, put your zip code in the box above and get some competitive health insurance quotes right now!

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