How to Get Affordable Small Business Health Insurance  

How to Get Affordable Small Business Health Insurance

It’s important for small business owners to provide benefits to their employees whenever they can. With individual insurance premiums at record highs, group insurance is the only way most people can afford coverage. Offering health insurance as part of your benefits package will cause your workers to see you as a good employer that takes care of them. Health insurance benefits improve employee loyalty and retention. Workers who receive health insurance through you are more likely to stay on when times get tough. You can also benefit from offering health insurance through your small business by the tax incentives that the government offers to businesses that qualify. Your payroll taxes can be reduced, and you can deduct one hundred percent of any premiums you pay to qualifying insurance plans if you offer group health insurance to your employees.

Any legitimate small business that pays payroll tax and has at least one full time employee is eligible to offer group health insurance. This does exclude the majority of husband and wife partnerships, but almost all other small businesses have the opportunity to include this insurance in their benefits packages. Even though the economy is getting more competitive, it’s important to maintain the tradition of offering benefits to our employees. Health insurance is an important safety net, and with so many businesses cutting their benefits plans, over forty million Americans can’t afford it. To ensure that your employees stay healthy and out of medical debt, offer them group health insurance.

To apply for group coverage, you’ll need some information, even for just a quote. Your agent will want a census of your employees, including their ages, birth dates, genders and this information about any dependents they might have, as well as the number of employees to be covered. Some insurance providers insist that all employees in the company be covered in their plans, so be sure that everyone in your company is interested in health insurance before applying. You’ll also need to provide the date you went into business and when you want the health insurance coverage to begin.

You can begin looking for insurance companies to provide your health benefits on the Internet, through your state board of insurance, or through your phone book. Internet searches have the advantage of turning up the most policy and rate information with the least effort. In some cases, you can even get an automated personal quote right on the insurance company’s web site. No matter how you find your prospective group health insurance provider for your small business, be sure to check their background and the opinions other people have about them to confirm their legitimacy. You want to be sure that you’re contracting with a reliable company when you offer benefits to your employees. Comparing various rates will help you offer the most affordable insurance to your employees, while comparing plans will help you offer reliable insurance. Be sure to do both, and you’ll get the best plan for your and your employees’ needs.
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