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Affordable Auto Insurance Made Simple! (Get Cheaper Car Insurance Without The Hassle!)

Your car may be your pride and joy, but it definitely can be expensive to maintain! And if something unfortunate happens like a car accident then you could potentially be looking at a massive expense unless you have got good quality affordable auto insurance that properly protects you.

So, to stop a setback turning into a disaster you need to sort yourself out some with great value, comprehensive but affordable auto insurance that fits your needs. Fortunately, car insurance has come a long way in the last few years and lots of industry competition means that there are some fabulous deals available that combine good value for money and coverage!

Getting affordable auto insurance quotes can seem like hard work. That is why we are here to help you explore what is right for you. And in the articles below we explore how to get cheap auto insurance that ticks all the boxes and which doesn't break the bank!

If you would like to get an affordable car insurance quote right now then simply use the box above to get our selection of the best deals in your state.

There are a number of different factors that you should look at in order to secure affordable auto insurance, and here is a partial list of some of them:

  • Is your car equipped with anti-theft devices or safety devices like anti-lock brakes? This could potentially affect your premiums.

  • Your age does matter! A 17 year old will pay more then a 22 year old, who in turn will pay more then a 30 year old for their auto insurance.

  • You could potentially save money if you are willing to raise the amount you pay if you have to claim e.g. $500 rather than $50. Is the saving worth it though? Would the extra be too much?

  • How old is your car? And what type of car is it? A Ferrari will cost more than a Ford! (You should be so lucky!)

  • What exactly are you covered for? Make sure that you read all the small print and compare your auto insurance quotes so that you are comparing like with like.

  • If you drive any of the following cars then breathe deeply! According to the latest figures available in 2011 from the Highway Loss Data Institute ( these vehicles have substantially worse than average records in terms of insurance losses. So if you drive any of these cars then be prepared to pay more for your insurance cover!

    1/ Mitsubishi Lancer
    2/ Cadillac Escalade EXT 4dr 4WD
    3/ Scion tC
    4/ Mercedes CLS class 4dr
    5/ Chevrolet Cobalt
    6/ Mercedes S Class 4DR LWB
    7/ Dodge Charger
    8/ Pontiac G5
    9/ Chevrolet Cobalt
    10/ Kia Spectra

  • Some cars can help you! Here are the cars with the lowest auto insurance losses, and hence the most likely to save you money on your auto insurance!

    1/ Chevrolet Corvette convertible
    2/ Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible
    3/ Chevrolet Corvette
    4/ Volkswagen New Beetle convertible
    5/ Saturn Sky convertible
    6/ Honda Pilot 4dr 4WD
    7/ Hyundai Veracruz 4dr
    8/ Honda CR-V 4dr
    9/ Toyota 4Runner 4dr 4WD
    10/ Subaru Outback 4WD

  • Mature drivers over 50 can look forward to lower quotes.

  • Other things to consider are how many cars there are in your household. Will the insurance company consider a bulk discount if you also insure your wife/husbands car, or get auto insurance for your two children's cars at the same time?

  • Also, what if you also take other types of insurance with a company like health insurance or dental insurance for example. Will they consider lowering your auto insurance premiums by way of incentive?

A good first step to getting a great deal is to get a few auto insurance quotes above and compare what is on offer.

Also, take a look at our state specific guides to auto insurance (over there on the right) for further specific information about auto insurance in your state.

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