A Guide to Auto Insurance in Oklahoma (OK)

Oklahoma is one of the more beautiful of the prairie states. With the deep ruts from covered wagons traveling across it still found embedded in the soil of the state, there's a lot for you to see and do. A paradise for the history buff, Oklahoma is famed for the wind, the weather, and the sound of country music. Traveling in Oklahoma means that cities are few and far between, with a lot of wide open spaces to cover in between them. That means that you're going to need a good car and some excellent Oklahoma auto insurance.

The state of Oklahoma, like most others, requires that you have a certain amount of Oklahoma auto insurance and that it cover various things. The mandated coverages in Oklahoma are much as those of other states are, requiring underinsured motorist coverage and other common things such as property damages. The sort of coverage that you want from your Oklahoma car insurance in order to be within the laws of the state are:

Uninsured or under-insured motorists

Injury or death

Damage to property.

In the state of Oklahoma, there is a compulsory insurance law, meaning that you are required to purchase auto insurance in order to drive your car, or to title your vehicle in the state.

Every driver in the state of Oklahoma is required to carry the following Oklahoma auto insurance for every vehicle that they drive.

* $25,000 against injury or death for one person

* $50,000 against injury or death for two or more people

* $25,000 against property damage

In fact, Oklahoma has some rather stringent laws when it comes to being covered in the state of Oklahoma, so if you want to see those wonderful Oklahoma sights, you're going to be needing adequate coverage at all times. Any time that you are in a traffic accident in Oklahoma, you are required by law to show your Oklahoma auto insurance card to the other driver as well as to anyone else involved, along with the police department or law enforcement agency.

Not only are you required to have Oklahoma auto insurance, but your card must be carried with you at all times in order to prove that you do have that insurance. Failure to prove that you have auto insurance in Oklahoma can land you in jail and get your license and registration revoked for a given period of time.

If you do not have insurance in Oklahoma, you are facing fines that can cost you more than 250 dollars, as well as jail time. There is a thirty days in jail penalty in Oklahoma, and depending on the judge in charge of your case, you may receive both penalties if you can not provide proof of insurance to any law enforcement officer.

The truth is that it's just not worth NOT having the cover. Admittedly, it is an extra expense that all of us would prefer we didn't have to pay out. But the fact remains that if you are in a car accident that the expenses for even a very mild crash will be significant. If you have comprehensive Oklahoma Auto Insurance Cover then it is at most an inconvenience, a few phone calls to your insurance company, possibly filling out a claim form, and your done and can get back to living your normal life. But without it you would be stuck in spiral of costs for medical bills, car repairs and possibly face paying for legal costs if the other party decides to sue you.

None of that is worth the few bucks you might save from not having car insurance. So bite the bullet. Get a few Oklahoma Auto Insurance Quotes, see what is on offer, and get this sorted today.


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