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Pet Insurance ensures that your pet will get the best veterinary treatment exactly when they need it without breaking the bank!

Vets are not cheap. In fact, let’s be honest here. Vets are expensive. Every time you take your pet to the vet for even routine treatment it seems to cost a lot. And once you factor in pills, injections and aftercare it can seem like an all too costly undertaking. Now imagine what the situation would be if (heaven forbid) anything serious happened to your own little darling. Would you have enough money to give them the treatment you know they deserve? This is where pet insurance can step in and play a big part in giving you peace of mind that if there are problems you can afford to deal with them.

The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) estimated recently that $14.1 billion will be spent on Vet care for our pets in the United States in 2011! |And yet they also estimated that just 1 percent of the 78.2 million dogs in the United States, and 1 percent of the 86.4 million cats in the US had any kind of pet insurance. And yet this is despite the fact that some kinds of surgery can cost thousands of dollars, and that on average one in three pets need veterinary treatment each year. Also the APPMA found that on average cat owners spent $219 for routine visits and $425 for surgical visits to the vet each year. Whilst dog owners spent $248 on routine visits and $407 for surgical visits in 2011 (up over 40% from 2000 levels). Far more on average then the pet insurance would have cost! And this doesn't even factor in other pets like horses or birds where the costs are even greater.

The great thing is that pet insurance isn't just for dogs or cats. You can get policies that will cover rabbits, reptiles, horses, birds and even exotic species. And the advantages of doing so are that you can have the peace of mind of knowing that if there is a problem that your pet is covered. In fact, it is very much like health insurance in people, where it offers you the peace of mind, and freedom to focus on getting your friend better, rather then the costs of the treatment. And it is far more affordable then you might think.

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Pet owners cancel their pet insurance nearly 75% for one reason. They aren’t using it. Not using your pet insurance policy is typically a good thing.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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