How to Secure Your Cats Health with Insurance for Pets  

How to Secure Your Cat�s Health with Insurance for Pets

Pet insurance offers a multitude of venues for your cat. You can simply purchase a policy that permits you to cover him in the event of an emergency or you can go all out and cover his annual visits, spaying, emergency care, dietary prescriptions, and medications. Naturally, the more coverage you’re seeking for your feline friend, the more you pay monthly.

Most insurance plans are going to be accompanied by a nice deductible for your purry pal, and nearly all require that he makes it to his annual visit, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a pet insurance company that requires cats to have a full fledged physical examination done prior to enrollment.

Felines tend to have their own risks of health issues, such as diabetes. Insurance plans for cats often address these concerns by offering specialized plans that either cover treatment or cover the testing, examinations, as well as preventative care specifically related to these high risk health issues. This means, depending on the specific health plan you choose, that your cat may very well have an annual allowance for illnesses that a large percentage of cats develop over time provided you purchased your insurance policy before he developed any symptoms or gave any indication that he may end up requiring special care.

All pet insurance plans developed for cats are going to be unique to each pet insurance company. This means that every owner will have to dig around the internet to find the exact right plan at the exact right price for their needs and intentions. Within reason, cat owners can find insurance plans tailored to their needs without breaking the bank. Of course you’d be hard pressed to find 100% coverage for all illnesses for $30 per month, but you can find 100% coverage for about $100 per month.

When digging around online to find the perfect cat health care insurance plan, you’re bound to notice that some pet insurance companies actually offer discounted insurance to indoor cats. Obviously, cats kept inside are less likely to pick up disease or run amok in the world only to find some trouble. These are an excellent value for the cat owner that keeps Fluffy indoors.

All pet insurance companies require cats to be at least 8 weeks of age prior to enrolling them in their program, and all kittens should be tested for FIP before they are awarded any type of pet insurance. Only a handful of policies will pay for this test. Most require the test to be performed before an application is filed simply because the test should be performed prior to vaccinations or any other health care is administered. Most owners with an FIP positive kitten usually euthanize him, as treatment is expensive, highly traumatic for the little guy, and rarely successful.

Pet insurance for cats can provide an owner with significant peace of mind and the knowledge that in the event of a tragedy, life saving care can be administered even if the checking account is running a little low.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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