Pet Medical Insurance: Common Questions Answered  

Pet Medical Insurance: Common Questions Answered

With the constantly rising cost of veterinary care in the United States, having a pet can be a rather expensive ordeal to say the least. Outside of basic veterinary care that is required of every pet owner, there are those emergencies that arise as well and the emergencies are what are truly wearing on the pocketbook. If you re considering pet medical insurance, your wallet will soon thank you although your credit card provider probably won’t. Here are some of your most common questions regarding pet medical insurance, answered.

Q: What Exactly IS Pet Medical Insurance?

A: Although it may be hard for non-pet owners to believe, the health of our companion animals has some significance in the insurance industry, too. Pet medical insurance is designed to transfer the risk of a person’s pet falling ill to the insurance company, in return for a monthly premium.

Q: What is the Cost of Pet Medical Insurance?

A: Depending on the policy that you go with, the cost of pet medical insurance will vary from insurance provider to provider and from policy to policy. Some of the more expensive insurance policies cover most things that one would need, from flea care and heartworm care to sterilization to emergency coverage and pretty much anything else a pet owner might need for their furry friend as far as medical expenses go. Some of the more popular online insurance providers, like Sheltercare have specials where you pay a small fee (usually $1) for a month, and then you choose the appropriate monthly premium after that depending on the benefit package that you choose. The better the coverage, the higher the premium, at least with any pet medical insurance provider worth going with.

Q: Will I Get To Keep Going To My Preferred Veterinarian?

A: This is another one of those things that vary from provider to provider. Depending on who your veterinarian is, they may or may not be on the preferred list of one or more of the pet medical insurance providers that you are considering. That is just one of the several things that you have to take into account when choosing the insurance policy that is the most appropriate for your pet and your pocketbook. Some people are okay with changing veterinarians if need be--other people are not, and prefer to stick with their own. Make sure you are prepared to change vets if necessary before you sign up with any pet medical insurance provider.

Q: How Is the Insurance Company Billed/How Am I Responsible for Veterinary Charges?

A: Depending on who you are insured with, there are different ways to go about billing the insurance company. The most common way is to pay the bill yourself and send the bill to the insurance company; they review the charges and then send the policyholder (you) a check for everything less the deductible.

Other insurance companies may work more traditionally aligned with the way our own insurance policies work, where proof of insurance is shown and the veterinary office goes after taking care of the bill themselves. This is rare, and happens only in the instance that the insurance provider and the veterinary office have a close, unique business relationship.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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