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How Can You Get A Great Quote?

One of the great joys of life is the day that you can either afford to buy the classic car that you have always longed for, or you finish the long road of restoration and repairs that means you have turned a wreck into a classic car that is ready for the road!

In either scenario the feeling of elation is very real, but may be short-lived as you flick through your classic car magazines and the thought suddenly strikes you that you are going to have to sort out some classic car insurance before you can actually take it for a spin.

If you have ever visited a classic car show and enquired of some of the specialist vendors aboput hiring out classic cars, then you will know that the subject of classic american car insurance is often a vexed issue with most enthusiasts because there are a number of issues that come up with insuring a classic or antique car that don't come up with a normal car.

This can take the form of such questions as 'Can you get classic car insurance for 17 years olds or drivers who are teenagers?' Or is there some kind of cut-off point that means that you have to be over-twenty five in order to get classic car insurance?

I explore those questions in the articles below along with a whole slew of others including some of the best ways to go about getting discounted insurance for your classic car in the United States, and the special considerations that you need to bear in mind when getting a quote for your collector, antique or classic car as compared to more modern cars.

I also look at which american cars are even considered 'classic' and how to spot a winner.

There are certain basic characteristics that you may have to provide to the auto insurance company if they ask for them, such as several clear photographs of your classic car taken under good light conditions, and documentation for any modifications that you have made to the vehicle (naturally this could be a long list!) and also photographs of those.

It may also be a good idea to get an independent appraisal of the value of your motor vehicle, so that you can have a better idea about the levels of cover that you are going to need. And in any event, if you are going to be trying to get insurance for a very valuable classic car then you will find that the insurance companies will often request that you provide this information in any case.

Different insurance companies will have different requirements and so it is always a good idea to get a few classic car insurance quotes first off so that you get a clearer idea about the possible prices of your cover (you can do that above), and also what may be expected of you in the way of documentation, required appraisals and photographic evidence.

Above all simply realise that securing good value classic car insurance is well within your grasp, and that once you have it the open road will beckon very quickly!

So get a few quotes. Get it arranged. And get driving!

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