A Guide to Auto Insurance in Louisiana (LA)

When discussing the laws and regulations that surround Louisiana auto insurance, it is important to understand the consequences that come with not possessing a policy. For instance; if you're pulled over by law enforcement and cannot provide proof of insurance they will impound your vehicle immediately. Do you really think it's worth the risk? If not then utilize the information below to get the right Louisiana auto insurance coverage.

The Basic Louisiana Auto Insurance Requirements...

Liability coverage is mandatory in the state of Louisiana. Even though insurance companies in the state will automatically offer the minimums, you might want to add more to the policy. However, if you're happy with the standard amounts then you will receive:

* $15,000 for injury/death to one person
* $30,000 for injury to more than one person
* $25,000 for damage to property

These numbers were much lower, but thanks to a new law passed at the beginning of 2010 they were raised a bit. Owning Louisiana auto insurance would alleviate the embarrassment of an officer taking your plates off the vehicle and placing a yellow sticker in your back windshield. This let's other law enforcement know that you did not have proof of insurance. If they're behind you it's possible you will get pulled over again.

Plus there are fines and fees associated with this type of offense as well. There is no room for multiple offenders, so the penalties are quite stiff if the problem continues. Here is a look for first and second time offender fines, as well as anymore afterwards:

* 1st Time Offender- $75 to $100 fine
* 2nd Time Offender- $100 to $250 fine
* Continuous Offenders- up to $700 time from here on out

Then again; there are ways for you to drive vehicles in the state of Louisiana without insurance. If you only own off-highway vehicles then it is not necessary. This is also the case for vehicles that are non-operational and not registered, vehicles used as displays for parades or displays, and any vehicle owned by the city, state, or country.

Louisiana Auto Insurance - The Tort System

Another area to think about is the Tort system in place. This means when someone is driving in the state and gets into an accident; someone will be at fault. If you don't have the proper coverage then the overdue balance will come out of your pocket. So even though underinsured/uninsured coverage is optional in Louisiana, it's highly recommended that you add it to the policy.

Did you know that five years ago the state of Louisiana had the 3rd most expensive insurance in the country? It's true; but today there are more ways to save money. When you speak with an insurance representative we recommend asking them about everything that will cut the overall cost of your premium.

Here are a few things to consider:

* Over age of 25 (if you're older)
* Marriage discounts
* Multiple vehicle discounts
* No Claims Bonuses
* Loyal Customer discounts or rewards
* Higher Deductible
* Security Devices
* Parked in Garage (if applicable)

Due to the vast amount of competition in the online world, some companies will offer better rates on their website as opposed to locally. The best thing to do is find a reputable company to do business with and then figure out which ones will offer you the most inexpensive plan with the greatest amount of quality. This is easily achieve by getting several Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes online, and comparing the cost, value and terms and consitions of each before making a final decision.

If you do this now then we're sure you will be able to get a Louisiana auto insurance policy that is right for you..


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