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Investigating How To Get Better Cheap, Online Car Insurance That Really Delivers On Its Promises!

Great value cheap online car insurance quotes can save you money and allow you to compare car insurance quotes easily from home without having to consult with an insurance agent as in the past.

The only downside to finding cheap online car insurance quotes in this way is that you can end up feeling as though you have too much choice! Because it can be a little overwhelming to seemingly have to choose between what so many different auto insurance companies are offering, when you aren't 100% sure what the differences are between them!

The key to getting auto insurance that really delivers on its promises is to remember that the car insurance companies are in the business of gaining new customers, and so they will inevitably highlight the best things about their policies and either not mention the less good points, or only mention them in passing (and only then generally if they are legally required to do so).

Think about your excess carefully...

One good example of this is with the excess that you will be expected to pay out on a policy if you do need to make a claim.

You need to be aware that many cheaper policies do have far higher excesses, and so in effect you need to be involved in a fairly serious accident or incident with your car before it would be worth you making a claim.

In itself this is not a problem, because hopefully this will be reflected in lower initial costs to set up the insurance in the first place, and lower on-going premiums. But it is nevertheless an aspect that you should consider very carefully before finally settling on a policy.

An excess that is too high also has the problem that it could leave you having to find a large chunk of money to pay exactly at the moment (after an auto accident perhaps), when you can least afford to have to pay it out.

In order to get a policy that really delivers on its promises then, you need to give serious thought to the level of commitment that you expect your insurance company to make to you, because you will have to pay for their cover and a lower excess (more commitment from them) WILL cost more, even if you do shop around and manage to get a more affordable policy.

The Beauty of Getting Auto Insurance Online...

The great thing is that filling out easy online forms DOES now allow you to get instant cheap online car insurance quotes exactly when it is convenient for you. You simply fill them out with all your details and you will immediately have a good idea as to what to expect in terms of both the cover you will receive and how much it will cost you.

Typically your online car insurance quotes will be worked out on the basis of many different factors including:

* The type of vehicle you are trying to get insured (truck, motorcycle, sports car, family car, sedan etc.)

* The make of car (a Porsche will cost more than a VW Camper Van!)

* The age of the vehicle (the newer the car the better its safety record is likely to be and the less it is likely to cost you to insure)

* Your age (the younger you are the more expensive it will be, though cheap car insurance for 17 year olds for example may be possible depending on the combination of all the different factors that the insurance companies count)

* Previous insurance claims you have made (if you have made any auto insurance claims in the last three years then you can realistically expect the cost of your premiums to be considerably higher)

* Where you live (actuaries have whole charts that compare crime rates and claim rates in different zip codes, and so where you live really can have a big impact on the cost of your car insurance. if you live in an urban area that is deemed to have higher crime rates, then you will generally be assumed to be a higher risk for your auto insurance.)

* Your Credit Rating (this can have a BIG impact on the final cost of your cover, because someone with a good credit rating will pay considerably less for their auto insurance then someone with a poor credit rating)

Also, other small factors like having a garage to park your car in, or extra security measures can potentially be ways that can help to lower your premiums. Bear in mind though that you will need to be careful about the wording of your cover with regards to when you WILL and WILL NOT be covered, because what happens for example if you fail to park the car in the garage and your insurance company have specifically stipulated that as a requirement (in return perhaps for a lower premium) in your policy?

Be very careful what you agree with the insurance companies, because you don't want to impact your flexibility to "just use the car", for the sake of shaving of a very miniscule amount of premium every month.

At least though online car insurance quotes have made this an area that you can explore in a very straightforward manner, and at a time when it suits you. And this is a great convenience.

In our auto insurance quotes section we discuss some more factors that you should bear in mind when looking into getting some online car insurance quotes and offer a great many more articles and information resources.

But if you would like to get a selection of quotes from companies that we recommend in YOUR area, and take the hassle out of choosing the best companies, then simply put your zip code in the box at the top of this page to get some cheap online car insurance quotes right now.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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