How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Students  

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Students

Cheap car insurance might not be your first priority if you’re a student. You’re probably more worried about passing classes and socializing. However, your car insurance could be eating a hole in your wallet without your knowledge. Most new drivers pay far too much for their insurance because they don’t understand how their plan works, what insurance they need and what they can forget about, and all the discounts they could be eligible for.

Don’t let the insurance companies overcharge you when you could be getting a better rate on your car insurance! Students will always pay more on their insurance than more experienced drivers, but someone with good grades and a good record shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant rates. And cheap car insurance for students really can be reality if you follow these tips to get a better rate on your car insurance, so you can worry about more important things.

Firstly, keep an eye on what insurance your state actually requires. Your insurance agency will try to sell you more insurance than you need, and if price is more important than coverage, you should be sure to keep only the bare minimum of coverage on your car. Do remember, however, that if you reduce your coverage, you could get into a bind in an accident. How much car insurance anyone needs depends on their particular situation. So, for example, if you are looking for specialist classic car insurance for young drivers to insure a 1900s Ford Mustang, then you may want to opt for the more comprehensive auto insurance as the car has more meaning to you and you would want to be able to replace it in the event that you had an accident.

The bottom line is that you still need to be realistic about your requirements even if you are still a student and money is tight.

You can also reduce your premium by raising your deductible. This too, carries more risk than a low deductible, but that risk comes with a lower premium. If you’re not accident prone and are a good defensive driver, you could benefit from the savings that come with a higher insurance deductible.

Students with good grades are eligible for discounts from most insurance companies, because this demographic has fewer accidents. Also, you can get a lower rate if you’ve had driver’s education or a defensive driving course. Conversely, if you drive a flashy sports car or a high performance luxury vehicle, you’ll pay higher rates.

Stick with an older, low mileage car, like a sedan or minivan, to get the cheapest car insurance. And if you are a first time driver or seventeen year old driver looking for car insurance for the first time, then such factors as the type of car you are driving are taken into account much more in terms of the final premium, because the auto insurance company has no firm, specific statistics about your driving record. They simply know that statistically a 17 year old driving a Ferrari costs them a lot more than the same 17 year old driving a Volkswagon!

Make sure that you report any safety or anti-theft features your car may have to get those discounts too. Anti-lock brakes, VIN etched windows, and airbags could shave a few dollars off your monthly premiums.

If you’re paying every month, consider switching to a longer payment plan. This could save you a little on processing fees and help you to get more affordable auto insurance. Yearly plans are also cheaper than those you renew every six months. If your budget can’t handle a big payment and you have to stick with monthly fees, try getting your payment plan switched to automatic debit. Many insurance companies will waive their processing fees if you have your payments sent this way. The savings per month is only a few dollars, but those few dollars can add up with all the other ways to save on your insurance.

If you’re careful and educated about all the ways you can reduce your insurance payment, you won’t have to spend it all on car insurance, and you can concentrate on having fun!   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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