The Lazy man's Guide to Cheap Car Insurance for New Drivers  

The Lazy Man's Guide to Cheap
Car Insurance for New Drivers

It can be hard to find car insurance for a new driver. This demographic has the highest number of accidents, so car insurance companies are wary and charge high rates. Even if the new driver is responsible and a good driver, the insurance company is more likely to believe demographic information. To avoid high premiums, there are a few things you can do when looking for car insurance. Don’t assume that just because you’re purchasing your first car insurance policy that you’ll have to pay high premiums. Even if you have just got your first car and are looking for cheap car insurance for a 17 year old driver for example, it is still possible to get a good policy that doesn't cost the earth. You simply have to approach the search diligently and sensibly.

The plain fact is that your premiums will be likely to be higher than those of drivers with a long record, but it doesn’t put affordable car insurance out of your reach. Cheap car insurance for new drivers really is possible, but you will need to do due diligence and research in order to achieve it.

Ok. Bottom line. Everyone needs to have car insurance if they’re going to drive. It protects you when you cause property damage or injury in an accident, and can protect you against the damages to you caused by uninsured motorists. If you don’t have insurance, you can face hundreds of dollars in fines. Don’t be tempted to go without car insurance just because new drivers traditionally pay high rates. It could cost you more in the long run, as well as putting a fine on your record.

To get cheap car insurance your first time, make sure you compare rates, rather than going with the first available quote. Even if it sounds good, you might find a cheaper rate elsewhere. If you’re a student and are looking for cheap car insurance for students then it is useful to know that some companies will offer a discount for having good grades, and also often for taking a driver’s education course. Some states require this course as part of your high school curriculum, but in others, it’s optional. Older first time drivers can get a discount by taking an additional defensive driving course. This shows the insurance company that you’re serious about not having accidents.

It helps to choose a car that’s not expensive to insure in general. Sporty or high performance vehicles cost even the drivers with the best records a lot to insure. You’ll get a better rate with a reliable, inexpensive vehicle like a family sedan. Having the VIN etched into the windows and getting other anti-theft devices can further reduce your rate, as can safety features such as airbags and anti-lock brakes. Be sure to mention all the things that could qualify you for a discount to the insurance company when you first get your quote and you will find that an affordable auto insurance quote is then going to be far easier to obtain.. You’ll have better luck with a low mileage vehicle, too. They’re more reliable, and less likely to break down unexpectedly. You can also lower your rate by raising your deductible in full coverage car insurance.

Getting good car insurance is just a matter of smart shopping, even if you’re a first time driver. If you’re aware of what you need and what kind of discounts you can get, a lower rate is right around the corner. First time drivers pay a little more than more experienced ones, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.
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