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Motorcycles are Fun! But the number of deaths (per mile travelled) on motorcycles is about 26 times the number in cars. You need good Motorcycle Insurance!

The motorcycle industry has been undergoing quite dramatic levels of shrinkage over the last few years. In February 2006 the Motorcycle Industry Council reported that bike sales had risen for the 13th consecutive year and that in 2005 there were approximately 1,116,000 new motorcycles sold in the United States. But by 2011, sales of motorcycles were estimated to have dropped to under half that at just 440,899 (according to the Motorcycle Industry Council - MIC), approximately the same as in 1998.

One good reason for this in addition to economic belt tightening is that people are becoming increasingly aware of the potential dangers of riding a motorcycle. In fact, more than 100,000 people have died in motorcycle related accidents since figures first started to be collected in 1966, with several thousand people dying each year according to US Department of Transportation figures.

So it is essential to get some good quality, affordable motorcyle insurance quotes sorted out so that you are properly covered in the event that you are one of them.

Because while 20% of car accidents result in injury or death for passengers, that figure jumped to 80% for motorcycle accidents. So while there is no doubt that motorcycling is tremendous fun. It is also undoubtedly true that hopping onto two wheels is also statistically a far more dangerous pursuit then jumping in the car and taking off for the open road. Accordingly getting yourself fixed up with comprehensive motorcycle insurance has never been more important.

Be aware that insurance premiums can be costly and physical damage coverage may be difficult to obtain for a high performance motorcycle or if you have a poor driving record. Check with an insurance agent for a premium quote before buying a motorcycle or motor scooter. As you do not want to discover that you cannot ride your new pride and joy because you cannot afford the insurance or it is not available for your circumstances. In any case it is worth getting a quote as it is also perfectly possible that you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable the motorcycle insurance is!

You need to check exactly what your liability coverage is, and also what medical payments would be payable in the event of an accident. What cover you have for any physical damage to the bike, and also what your position is if you are involved in an accident with someone who is not insured. If you have a clean licence and are older, then the cost of the motorcycle insurance is likely to be lower. Though the type of motorcycle you are riding will have the biggest affect on the premiums. As with ANY insurance you need to make sure that your policy has all the coverages you requested, and also exactly what is and is not covered.

A motorcycle life with the wind in your hair is fabulous. But it is worth getting your insurance sorted out first!

To do that right now simply put your zipcode in the box above and click 'Start' to get started on getting some motorcycle insurance quotes!

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