A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Iowa (IA)

Iowa is in the middle of the American Heartland and filled with some to-die-for wide open spaces that are quite simply a joy to motorcycle.  And coupled with that is the bustle of big cities like Des Moines and Aurora which offer a different experience entirely. But one fact remains constant, and that is that regardless of whether you do the bulk of your motorcycling in the wide outdoors, or in the center of a big city, you need to make sure to get comprehensive, full coverage Iowa Motorcycle Insurance that covers you for any eventuality.

The nature of insurance is that it is basically a backup plan for the unexpected. No-one gets on a bike expecting to be involved in an accident, but the statistics show that far more motorcyclists get injured from auto accidents then car drivers, and that most times the injuries that they sustain are far greater. 

So getting motorcycle insurance in Iowa that really delivers an adequate amount of cover is not a luxury, it is essential.

Now, of course, if you are involved in an accident then someone has to pay for all the medical expenses and treatments and generally it is going to be an insurance company, as long as you took out enough cover.

The State Government of Iowa has laws in place to make sure that every motorcyclist who rides in Iowa has at least got a minimum amount of liability coverage for Iowa Motorcycle Insurance.

The minimum requirements for Iowa Motorcycle Insurance

If we take a look at the minimum requirements for motorcycle insurance cover in Iowa then we can see that they are as follows:

$25,000 – This is the minimum for bodily injury liability for one person
$40,000 – This is the bodily injury liability for all injuries
$15,000 – This is the limit for property damage liability

These rates are normally referred to as 25/40/15.

Are these minimum Iowa Motorcycle Insurance Rates sufficient?

When looking at the statutory minimums it is important to realise that these allow you to ride legally in Iowa, but they do not necessarily afford you the proper protection that you need.

Iowa Motorcycle Insurance SealOne little example of this is illustrated by the fact that Iowa does not have a mandatory helmet law (one of only three that doesn’t), and yet the facts regarding the wearing of motorcycling helmets and how they help to save lives are extremely compelling, and if you were simply examining the raw facts you would probably conclude that wearing a helmet is every bit as essential as going out and getting Iowa Motorcycle Insurance.

About three quarters of ALL motorcycle fatalities in the United States were from riders who were not wearing helmets, and it is estimated by the National Highway Safety Administration that helmets helped to save the lives 823 people in 2008, and that 37% of riders would otherwise have died if they hadn’t worn a helmet.

These statistics also serve to illustrate exactly how dangerous riding a motorcycle can be, and why it is vital that you get proper comprehensive motorcycle insurance in Iowa so that you are well-covered in the event that you do have an accident.

You should also know that between 1998 when there were 2,294 fatalities and 2008 when there were 5,290 motorcycle related fatalities that deaths have more than doubled. So whilst riding a motorcycle around Davenport, Sioux City or further afield is a great idea, you should nevertheless be fully conversant with the risks and have some good Iowa Motorcycle Insurance that can allay any fears you might have.

Accordingly, you should be sure to look into increasing these minimums substantially and also adding in extra layers of protection such as uninsured driver cover, underinsured driver cover, accidental damage cover and cover for theft, vandalism and fires.

(Also check periodically with the Iowa Department of Insurance as to whether any of the regulations regarding the minimum amounts of Iowa motorcycle Insurance have changed, as they may do from time to time.)


You can then at least know that you have done your best to deal with the risks that will always be incumbent when riding a motorcycle, by getting high quality Iowa Motorcycle Insurance that can act as a good safety net when you ride.


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