Custom Motorcycle Insurance: How to Get It  

Custom Motorcycle Insurance: How to Get It

Custom motorcycles are the type of thing that dreams are made of, and that is real. Custom motorcycles are the subject of a great deal of work, and it is important to maintain this investment as vigorously as we possibly can. It seems that the more work we put into our cars or motorcycles, the more other people want to be a part of that or simply to destroy it.

Needless to say, your custom motorcycle is at risk from theft, damage, and other perils so it is important to get custom motorcycle insurance to insure your bike against all of these things. The thing is, custom motorcycle insurance is not always the easiest motorcycle insurance to obtain. Depending on where you live, what alterations you have made to your bike, the power and speed of it and a number of other factors you might have a bit harder of a time insuring your custom motorcycle than you would insuring any other type of motorcycle or motor vehicle for that matter.

One of the reasons that insurance companies might find it more difficult to insure custom motorcycles is because they lack a solid blue book value. This means that when it comes to replacement, they have to take the word of the person who built it (their loss) or settle for a said dollar amount that they will cover the bike for in the event that the bike needs a replacement (your loss). So what do you do? Unfortunately, insuring a custom motorcycle requires a great deal of shopping around.

One of the ways that you can go about helping your insurance salesman to find the right policy for you is to maintain proof and receipts pertaining to the worth of your bike. This means that they have solid information as to what it might cost to replace the bike, and while most insurance companies will probably refuse to fully insure for replacement a bike that costs two to three times its market value due to modifications, you have a better chance of having to jump through as few hoops as possible.

While it is a bit cliché to say that the best way to find insurance rates is to search the web, this might very well be the truth when it comes to custom motorcycle insurance policies. Otherwise, you might spend a lot of money in gas driving around town from agency to agency trying to find somebody who can not only insure your bike, but insure your bike to an amount that you are able to pay.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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