How To Get Affordable Motorcycle Insurance  

How To Get Affordable Motorcycle Insurance (Even If You Are A Younger Rider!)

Because everyone believes that motorcycles are dangerous, many people give up trying to find the most affordable motorcycle insurance rates because they think that it will cost an arm and a leg no matter what. It is actually possible to find affordable motorcycle insurance if you know where to look, and know what the insurance companies are looking for. The insurance company wants to insure riders that have a lower risk. Since you pay the insurer each month and they pay you nothing until you make a claim, the insurance company wants to insure the rider that has the lowest chance of making a claim. This is, of course, very obvious, but too many riders fail to capitalize on it.

You can get more affordable motorcycle insurance if you make yourself look like a lower risk. Insurance companies base risk on statistics and various factors such as age and experience. If you are 17 and want a motorcycle, you can expect to pay a lot for insurance. However, if you are willing to wait for a few years you can save up more money and buy a nicer bike in the long run and at the age of 21, your insurance will be lower because you are older and have more driving experience. While the wait can be hard, it is better than paying every dime you earn each month to an expensive insurance plan. Taking a motorcycle training course, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, can also give you lower rates. Riders that have undergone formal training are less than half as likely to crash than riders that have not had the same training. The insurance companies encourage riders to take these training courses by offering them a discounted rate. Safer riders make the insurance company more money because they pay fewer claims.

And nothing beats old-fashioned shopping around. The Internet has given riders a great place to shop for insurance quotes. You can spend an afternoon getting insurance quotes from a huge number of local insurance companies online in the time it would take you to call just a few of them. Instead of flipping through the phonebook you can search for insurance companies in your area online and get quotes from them in a short period of time. Some companies use a simple form that you input basic information into and then you get a very approximate and unofficial quote. Others use a more detailed form and then Email you an official quote later once an agent has looked over your information. You can compare these quotes to see which companies appear to offer the best rates for your age, style of bike, and other factors. Some insurance companies will offer more competitive rates for older riders, while some will be more geared towards younger riders. You have to find the company that is ride for your circumstances.

You should also look for companies that offer specific motorcycle insurance programs, or companies solely dedicated to insuring riders. The big auto insurance companies make a smaller portion of their money on insuring motorcycles and tend to offer less complete and more expensive coverage. However, some of the big insurance companies do have branches specifically dedicated to motorcycling.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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