A Guide to Motorcycle Rental Fleet Insurance  

A Guide to Motorcycle Rental Fleet Insurance

In this day and age of a rapidly waning economy, buying a motorcycle is not always the easiest thing to do. For this reason, having a fleet of rental motorcycles is a great way to make some good money, especially in tourist areas where people don’t have their own cars. Motorcycle enthusiasts and wannabe motorcycle enthusiasts are always ready and willing to rent a motorcycle, but it can be difficult to insure a fleet of rental motorcycles and there has to be a specific type of coverage purchased just for this.

Depending on the policy that is purchased, motorcycle Rental Fleet insurance policies can cover any one of the following things:


Liability is a must; it is the one thing that is legally required almost everywhere, and without liability insurance you are leaving yourself open for a lawsuit if and when some incident occurs. Think about how often people get into accidents, especially when it comes to motorcycles. Motorcycles are one of the most dangerous ways to get around, one of the reasons why so many people tend to find them intriguing so without liability insurance your company could be held liable for the accidents ca used by the driver of the motorcycle. Yes, they are required to purchase coverage for themselves but it is important for the owner of the rental fleet to have insurance coverage on their motorcycles as well.

Physical Damage and Collision Coverage:

Although it is another type of liability, physical damage and collision can also be purchased. You would be rather naïve if you thought that collisions did not occur on the property, before customers even thought to take the motorcycle off of the lot. Between moving bikes around on the lot and transporting them back and forth from location to location, a lot can happen and it is always best to protect against the inevitable. Physical damage includes damage to the bike and damage to other things as a result of any operation of the bike or its presence at all.


There are certain requirements that one must fulfill in order to qualify for motorcycle rental fleet insurance coverage. You have to be a dealer in good standing in most cases, and operate your business year round. Poor credit is usually not acceptable, at least when it comes to purchasing insurance on credit. In addition, certain safety precautions must be recommended to the renter, such as the use of an approved helmet and age requirements (usually 21 years of age and up).

The purpose of insurance is to protect against the inevitable, and that is the purpose of insurance after all. Motorcycle insurance is about more than owners protecting themselves; it is for rental fleet owners as well.


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