A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Illinois (IL)

The Prairie State affords some terrific opportunities for motorcyclists to explore a great variety of terrain and vistas, and enjoy the freedom that only motorcycling can offer. But it is also worth bearing in mind that even the best laid plans can go wrong, and so you should be sure to get some affordable Illinois Motorcycle Insurance before you set out on your grand adventures.

In addition to the wide open plains of Illinois, there is also the big city ride of Chicago, and so you should certainly consider upgrading from the minimum state requirements for motorcycle insurance in Illinois and get comprehensive full coverage Illinois Motorcycle Insurance that also covers you for theft and vandalism should you be on the wrong end of some Chicago blues!

Some of the different types of Illinois Motorcycle Insurance Cover you can get:

Bodily Injury Cover – If you are at fault in an accident then this pays for the injuries of others that they sustained in an accident you caused.

Property Damage – If you are at fault and cause damage to someone else’s property through riding your motorcycle, then this would pay to replace that damage.

Medical – Accidents can often cause quite serious injuries, especially for motorcyclists, and hence it is important to get cover that includes substantial amounts of medical cover.

Uninsured Motorist Cover – 15% of people currently driving around are estimated to be doing so without any insurance. So in the event that you have an accident with them, even if they are at fault, then there will be no-one to pay out on the claim. If however you have seen fit to take out uninsured motorists cover, then you would be covered.

Underinsured Motorists Cover – This is similar in principal to uninsured motorists cover. Some motorists have insurance, but only have very low amounts that do not cover the full cost of any claim, even if they were at fault. If you also take out underinsured motorists cover then even if that is the case you could still be assured that you would be properly covered in the event of an accident.

What are the basic state requirements for Illinois Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Illinois Motorcycle Insurance SealAlthough you can take out many different types of policy for motorcycle insurance in Illinois, there are some basic state requirements that you MUST have in order to ride your motorcycle legally in Illinois.

These are:

$20,000 of Liability cover for bodily injury per person

$40,000 of Liability cover for a single incident

$15,000 of property damage cover

These requirements are commonly referred to as 20/40/15

Are the basic Illinois Motorcycle Insurance requirements good enough?

Although if you have 20/40/15 levels of cover you will be road legal in Illinois, it is a good idea to get higher levels of liability cover then the state minimums. In reality even for liability cover these rates are low as commonly there will be more than two people injured in a crash (especially if a car is involved) and medical expenses alone for a few people form a serious accident can quickly exceed these state minimums. So ideally you should be looking to substantially increase the levels of Illinois Motorcycle Insurance that you take out.

In addition, these do not cover you for theft, vandalism, fires etc. So you should also look into getting a much more comprehensive, full coverage Illinois Motorcycle Insurance policy that also covers you for those elements.

(Be sure to check with the Illinois Department of Insurance with regards to any changing legal requirements for Illinois Motorcycle Insurance minimums - https://www.idfpr.com/)

At the end of the day motorcycle insurance cover is always going to be a balancing act between levels of cover and the amount of premium it costs you. But you should certainly endeavour to shop around for quotes so that you end up getting the most favourable Illinois Motorcycle Insurance cover that you can find.


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