A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in New Hampshire (NH)

New Hampshire has a great outdoor tradition to go along with its state motto of “Live Free or Die” and the motorcycling community in New Hampshire is large and thriving. In this article I am going to explore one subject that is central to any motorcyclist in the state, namely New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance and exactly what you need to know in order to get the best value, most effective policy.

To start out let’s take a look at what the states minimum requirements are for motorcycle insurance in New Hampshire.

What are the states minimum requirements for New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance?

There are certain statutory minimums that a motorcyclist has to have in order to be road legal in the state. They are concerned mainly with a liability element and also with the costs of any property damage caused by an accident.

They are as follows:

$25,000 – Bodily Injury liability for one person
$50,000 – Bodily injury liability for one accident
$25,000 – Property Liability Cover

This is commonly referred to as 25/50/25 cover.

Are the New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance Minimums adequate?

The levels of cover that are laid down by the New Hampshire legislature are minimum amounts and are not designed to be the optimal amounts that a consumer should really get. The actual levels themself of 25/50/25 are fairly average figures that many of the states go for, but it is important to realise that even in this case there is no general agreement amongst the states as to what should be a minimum amount of insurance cover.

Some states have much higher mandatory limits (Maine is 50/100/25) and some have much lower levels (Louisiana has 10/20/10), and most play around with the figures a little to have slightly different requirements; so looked at overall it is clear that there is no consensus about what should really be a ‘minimum’ amount of motorcycle insurance that you should purchase.

The question then becomes how to make sense of the confusion and arrive at a policy that can genuinely protect you should something go wrong?

The answer to that question is of course still mired in personal circumstances, because the more cover you get the more it is inevitably going to cost you. But I am going to set down some thoughts here about areas that you should be considering to bolster up the quality of your motorcycle insurance in New Hampshire that may provide you with greater peace of mind when you actually use your motorcycle.

The first of these issues is with regards to the basic minimums. If Maine thinks that a ‘low’ figure for insurance (it is after all a ‘minimum’ requirement, not a ‘maximum’ requirement) should be 50/100/25, then logically it would make sense to consider this as a minimum starting off point for how much you should get of these three basic types. More than that would obviously be preferable, but you should consider how much medical expenses and cars really cost in New Hampshire, and work backwards from there.

And you may decide that simply because you have got the state minimums does not mean that you are protected, because how many accidents only contain 1 or 2 causalities for example? If you have an accident with a car with a family in it, or multiple cars, then realistically how many people could end up in hospital needing treatment?  

Quite a few most likely, and unless you have got decent levels of cover, then you could be in problems, because someone is going to have to pay the bills, and if you are at fault then it’s either going to be your insurance company or you, depending on the levels of cover you decided to get when you first took out your New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance policy.

Cover for theft, vandalism and fires?

Another aspect to consider is getting cover for theft, vandalism and fires. 

New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance SealAccording to the U.S Fire Administration approximately one in six fires is a highway vehicle fire, and about 10% of all vehicle fires are intentionally set.

Between 2004 and 2006 when they last published figures there were 27,900 intentionally set vehicle fires in the United States.

In other words, fires that were started in vehicles intentionally, not as a result of an accident.

And if you just get basic cover then you would not be covered.

Similarly with theft, there are 8 motorcycles stolen every MINUTE in the United States, and only one in five of them is ever successfully recovered. So if your motorcycle gets stolen then you can almost certainly kiss it goodbye.

And yet if you just got the basic cover then you would not be covered.

The same is true of vandalism or malicious damage, which is far more common than either fires or theft.

And yet once more you would not be covered if you only had basic liability cover.

(Note - For legal considerations regarding New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance you can always check on the New Hampshire Insurance Departments website - https://www.nh.gov/insurance/)

When it comes to getting your motorcycle insurance in New Hampshire give some careful thought to the types of cover that you really need, and make sure that your cover is fit for purpose. Make sure that you get a variety of New Hampshire Motorcycle Insurance Quotes and read the terms and conditions of the different policies through carefully before making a final decision about which cover to buy.


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