A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Hawaii (HI)

Running along the beautiful beaches of Honolulu and surprising streets of Hilo are numerous opportunities to ride your motorcycle in some of the most breath taking scenery imaginable.  The benefits of that are enormous, but you also need to make sure to get comprehensive Hawaii Motorcycle Insurance so that you are properly protected as you explore.

The truth is that none of us expect things to go wrong when we jump on our motorcycle and take off onto the open road, and yet the rate of accidents amongst motorcyclists is many times higher than that of car drivers, and the risks of injury if a motorcyclist comes off their bike are also dramatically higher. So the need for proper, full coverage Hawaii Motorcycle Insurance is one that cannot be ignored.

What are the legal requirements for Hawaii Motorcycle Insurance?

In terms of the basic legal requirements that any motorcyclist has to have with regards to motorcycle insurance in Hawaii, they are centred around basic liability coverage which basically covers accidents (up to certain limits).

Here are the current basic minimums for Motorcycle Insurance Hawaii wide:

$20,000 – Per Person Basic liability cover
$40,000 – Per accident in total for bodily injury liability
$10,000 – To cover damage to other people’s property damaged in an accident

This is commonly referred to as 20/40/10 cover.

There are also some optional extras that the insurance companies in Hawaii are statutorily obliged to offer you in addition to the above, and these include medical payments for personal injuries of up to $10,000, a plan for income disability, and the option to have higher levels of liability coverage.

Are the basic requirements for Hawaii Motorcycle Insurance enough?

If you have the basic cover above then you can certainly ride on the roads of Kailua or Kaneohe and be ‘road legal’. But the reality is that the basic minimums are not really enough to feel proper peace of mind, and you would do well to supplement them with additional Hawaii Motorcycle Insurance cover.

Hawaii Motorcycle Insurance SealRemember, that the nature of liability cover is that the protection is really being afforded to the OTHER people that are involved in any accident, and not to you primarily. So you would do well to at the very least supplement the basic Hawaii Motorcycle Insurance cover with the optional extras that the motorcycle insurance companies in Hawaii have to offer you.

Medical expenses can very swiftly add up, and unless you have good insurance in place then the kind of injuries that can be sustained when you come off a motorcycle can very quickly exceed any basic minimums.

(It is also worth checking in to learn more about Hawaii Motorcycle Insurance  with the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, who oversees the regulation of motorcycle insurance (and scooters) on the islands of Hawaii - https://hawaii.gov/dcca/ins)

There are nine different companies who offer Motorcycle Insurance in Hawaii, so feel free to check around with them to see exactly what is available, and at what prices you can get covered for.

Those 9 companies are:

AIG Hawaii Insurance Company
American Reliable Insurance Company
United Services Automobile Association
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
Allstate Insurance Company
GEICO Indemnity Company
State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
Pacific Specialty Insurance Company

If you shop around for Hawaii Motorcycle Insurance Quotes then you may end up quite surprised at the good deals that are available, and how by simply comparing the different options you can not only end up with better amounts of cover, but also a far more reasonable price.


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