A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Georgia (GA)

Georgia is nicknamed ‘The Peach State’ which provides a good insight into what an amazing state this is to ride a motorcycle around. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to vast coastal plains and magnificent rivers, Georgia is a delight to ride around. But equally it is important that motorcyclists in Georgia get comprehensive Georgia Motorcycle Insurance so that they are covered for any unforeseen circumstances or accidents.

There are some state minimum requirements if you want to ride your motorcycle in Georgia, and so even if you don’t wish to get full coverage Georgia Motorcycle Insurance, there are nevertheless some minimum standards that you have to meet if you are to remain road legal.

What are the minimum requirements for Georgia Motorcycle Insurance?

The minimum requirements for Motorcycle Insurance in Georgia are designed to cover questions of liability and damage to someone else’s property. As such the minimums as required by law are:

$25,000 – Liability cover for one person
$50,000 – Liability cover for ALL people for the one accident
$25,000 – Personal property cover

This is typically referred to as 25/50/25 and as a minimum required by Georgia Law is a little higher than some other states.

Are the minimum Georgia Motorcycle Insurance requirements enough?

In general the answer to that is clearly no.

Even though they are higher than the minimums of some other states, they are not really sufficient., and there are a whole raft of things that this basic level of Georgia Motorcycle Insurance does not cover you for.

- They don’t cover you if your motorcycle is stolen.
- They don’t cover you for accidental damage.
- They don’t cover you if a tree branch falls on your bike.
- They don’t cover you if there is a fire that damages your bike.
- They don’t cover you for vandalism.
- They don’t cover you for storm damage.

And even the basic levels of liability cover are still low when looked at next to the potential costs if you were involved in an accident.

Georgia Motorcycle Insurance SealThe biggest of these costs would most likely be medical expenses, and the harsh fact is that motorcycle accidents can cause amongst the worst of all damage that requires expensive pins in legs, extensive surgical work and long stays in hospital that can very quickly eat into basic levels of protection.

It is not uncommon that these costs can rise up above basic levels of cover very quickly, and pretty soon you can find yourself not only faced with recovering from injuries after an accident, but also with a massive medical bill from the hospital because your GA motorcycle insurance simply wasn’t comprehensive enough.

So do yourself a favour and get more than the state minimums.  The big cities in Georgia of Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah and Athens offer real treats that every resident of Georgia would be blessed to witness on a motorcycle, but you can only do so with a clear head if you know that you are protected by a good full coverage Georgia Motorcycle Insurance policy.

(You can also check into the legal ramifications of not getting enough Georgia Motorcycle Insurance at the Gerogia Department of Insurance here - https://www.gainsurance.org/)

This is also important because motorcycles get stolen much more frequently than cars, and yet get recovered by the police on a far less frequent basis. In fact estimates from the National Insurance Crime Bureau puts the recovered figure at only about 20%.

So if your motorcycle is stolen there is only about a one in five chance that you will get it back, and without good insurance you will be faced with the prospect of either not having a motorcycle, or else having to pay all the money out for a new one, with either choice clearly being far from ideal, and totally avoidable if you simplt got some full coverage Georgia Motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance in Georgia is now far cheaper than you might imagine because there is much more competition because of the internet. So get some quotes for Georgia Motorcycle Insurance and see how much you can save.


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