The Cool Dude Guide to Custom Built Motorcycle Insurance  

The Cool Dude Guide to Custom Built Motorcycle Insurance

Everyone knows that motorcycles are dangerous. Well, at least more dangerous than cars. But that does not stop people from buying them. If anything, it encourages it. Danger is interesting, and the danger makes riding more fun. Despite the fact that most riders will eventually have a crash of some sort and get their bike all banged up, many riders still invest tens of thousands of dollars into custom motorcycles. Why? Because it is cool, that is why. Most motorcyclists know the risks of taking their sweet custom ride out for a spin, but it is worth it. Riding your hot custom bike and risking it being damaged is a lot better than having it sit in the garage and never be used. However, most motorcyclists also have very good insurance coverage for their custom rides.

If you have a custom built motorcycle, you have to legally insure it to ride it, but not any old insurance plan will do. Custom bikes are not the same as stock production bikes, and that is why they are so expensive and beautiful in the first place. Most motorcycle insurance plans do not take into account the rarity or appreciation of a custom built bike. If you fall and do some minor damage to your custom bike, the insurance company will pay for standard repairs, but you do not want any Joe Blow to fix it, you want the customer builder to fix it. The insurance company will not cover costs of shipping or extensive fabrication. You obviously want your custom bike to be as good as new down to the little details, but the insurance company does not see it this way. This is why you should be sure to get extensive custom motorcycle insurance coverage that is specially geared towards customer and collector bikes. The premiums will be higher, but the coverage will be much better.

If your bike is totaled in the accident, a standard motorcycle insurance plan will only give you an estimated depreciated value for the bike. However, custom bikes hold their value and can even appreciate in value. Therefore you want an insurance plan that takes into account the full cost of buying a new custom bike to replace the lost one, as well as any appreciation in value that might have occurred.

Custom bikes are becoming very big business thanks to recent television shows the highlight the skill and charisma of the builders. If you have a custom built bike from before the custom chopper craze, your investment has probably increased in value. If your insurance plan was adequate before the Jesse James and Orange County Choppers craze happened, it is probably not adequate anymore. Your simply custom daily rider might now be a very valuable collectible piece of mechanical art that demands and more extensive and appropriate insurance plan.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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