A Guide to Motorcycle Dealers Insurance Coverage  

A Guide to Motorcycle Dealers Insurance Coverage

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there has been at least a 30 percent increase in fatalities and injuries related to the operation of motorcycles. In the same respect there has been a definite increase in the number of motorcycles that have been purchases in the United States as well, as this is no longer the pastime of Harley Davidson enthusiasts.

Everyday people go about purchasing motorcycles and obtaining motorcycle licenses as well these days, and for this reason being a motorcycle dealer in the United States is quite a profitable niche, especially in certain areas of the United States where the sun shines most times of the year. It can be all too easy to make good money with a motorcycle dealership, but it is important to realize that just as motorcycle owners must purchase motorcycle insurance coverage policies, it is also necessary that a dealership owner purchase insurance to cover the fleet of motorcycles that they have on the lot yet to be sold.

There are a variety of reasons and instances in which a motorcycle dealer should have appropriate medical coverage, but most of them are common sense and in many places insurance is required by law.

Test Drives

Chances are that your customers like to test drive the motorcycle that they are looking at before they drive it; it just makes sense. If something happens while the motorcycle is out on a test drive, the dealer is liable. This applies to accidents that are the fault of the test driver, other people, collisions with public property, and other things. Stuff happens, and it is important to protect yourself with every bit of coverage that you can possibly afford, especially when it comes to test drives.

Theft or Damage

As much as we would like to think that it does not occur, as a motorcycle dealer you also have theft to worry about. All of the precautions that are taken to prevent theft, theft does still occur so it is important to protect against it. Just as people have policies to cover the possible theft of their bike, so should you as a motorcycle dealer. The same goes for damage, whether it is damage due to wind or flood or damage due to vandalism or some other act. This means lost money to the dealership, which means less money out of your pocket not to mention a potential lawsuit.

Acts of God…and Just About Everything Else!

Insurance is meant to cover the inevitable, and as a motorcycle dealer you have a great deal more to lose than a lot of other dealerships out there. Motorcycles are nearly 25 percent more likely to be involved in an accident that seriously injures or even kills a person, so it is important to take all of the necessary precautions to protect yourself, your business, and your customers.

While motorcycle dealer insurance is a good idea for many reasons and legally required in many areas, it is just good business!


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