Motorcycle Insurance Texas - A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Texas  

Motorcycle Insurance Texas - A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

Motorcycles are very popular in Texas. This is probably due to the wide-open roads around Texas and the lack of traffic in many parts. However, riding a motorcycle is still dangerous, even in light traffic. Texas has proven this with its very high motorcycle fatality rate. There are also other reasons to get various types of motorcycle insurance, such as theft insurance. Motorcycle theft in Texas is up more than fifty percent in recent years and bike sales continue to soar. A recent survey concluded that forty-nine percent of bike owners are concerned about theft, and that over eighty percent believe the chance of recovering a stolen bike is virtually zero. Most motorcycle insurance companies offer specific theft insurance or offer coverage against theft as part of their basic plan. You can reduce your insurance rates by purchasing a stolen vehicle recovery device and having it installed by a professional. These tracking devices are activated when the vehicle is reported stolen and increase the rate of vehicle recovery by over ninety percent. Showing your insurance company proof that you have such a device installed usually lowers your rates because it lowers the risk on the part as well.

But of course as a motorcyclist you have more to worry about than theft. The NHSTA has reported that the motorcycle fatality rate in Texas is higher than the rest of the United States. The number of motorcycle fatalities in Texas has increased each year over the past five years. The majority of fatal and serious injuries in Texas were a result of the rider not wearing a helmet. In Texas wearing a helmet is not mandatory, and many have speculated that this is one of the reasons that the fatality rate for riders is so high in Texas. The stats have also led to insurance rates that are higher than ever before. In Texas you do not legally have to wear a helmet if you have completed an approved motorcycle safety-training course, or have approved health insurance coverage of more than ten thousand dollars.

Many riders do not have proper training, licenses, or safety gear. Even worse, around half of all motorcycle accidents have alcohol as a factor. The misconduct of irresponsible riders has caused accident rates, and insurance rates, to soar. As a responsible rider you do have some options to get the most out of your Texas Motorcycle Insurance and out of your time riding. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) offers courses in Texas that train riders in accident avoidance. You can also choose to use a helmet even if you legally do not have to. Most importantly, do not drink and ride. The statistics may make riding in Texas look like suicide, but if you do not make the mistakes that many riders make you can improve your chances far beyond what the statistics indicate. Insurances companies will usually offer lower rates to responsible riders.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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