A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Arizona (AZ)

When riding around the roads of Phoenix in the sunshine on your motorcycle it is very easy to imagine that there is no finer place to be on the planet. And yet with great pleasure comes great responsibility! It is essential that you make sure that you get comprehensive Arizona Motorcycle Insurance if you are going to ride a motorcycle in Arizona, because the costs of not doing so are so high.

Arizona has six interstate highways (8, 10, 15, 17, 19 and 40) and so the potential for long motorcycle rides is wonderfully varied.  19 and 17 run from the north of the state to the south, 8, 10 and 40 all head from the east to the west.  The exception is interstate 15 which runs from the northwest corner of the state up to the Northeast. So there truly is some magnificent highways that you can ride your motorcycle on in Arizona.

However, the potential distances are vast, and if you have an accident in many parts of Arizona then getting a medical team out to you would require a medevac team and a helicopter. Something that costs an enormous amount of money, and hence you could well find yourself waking up from an accident in hospital to the prospect of bankruptcy if you didn’t get adequate motorcycle insurance in Arizona.

Why Getting Arizona Motorcycle Insurance Is Now Much Simpler…

The good news is that securing motorcycle insurance quotes in Alabama is now much simpler than ever before, because there is no longer a need for you to take a day off work and travel to an insurance brokers office in Phoenix or Tucson any more, in order to get the best possible cover.

These days you can get a much wider variety of quotes and information simply by checking online and getting a variety of quotes from different companies. What this all means is both that competition in the sector has greatly increased (and hence helped to lower prices). But has also had the effect of motorcycle insurance companies in

Arizona Motorcycle Insurance SealArizona increasingly having to be more innovative in the types of cover that they offer consumers, and also offer more in the way of services, favourable terms and conditions and the basis on which policies are paid out upon.

You should make sure that you properly research any insurance company prior to signing up for their cover, as it is clearly very easy to take in money for cover, but it is in the business end of the relationship (perhaps after you have unfortunately been involved in an accident) that you need to know for certain that the policy will both pay out quickly and without fuss, but also that the pay-outs that you get are what you expected to receive and will let you feel safe in the knowledge that they will cover any costs that you might incur form an accident involving your bike, or a case of theft , fire or vandalism (if you take out comprehensive Arizona motorcycle insurance).

Either way it is good to know that your insurance company has your back, and that you have nothing to worry about.

A Couple of Factors to bear in mind before buying Arizona Motorcycle Insurance

1/ Be sure to fill out the insurance application form honestly

It would be the easiest thing in the world to lie about your date of birth or previous driving convictions on your application in order to get a lower premium rate on your policy. But the fact is that if you then went to make a claim in six months’ time, then your claim would more than likely be denied because you had lied.

Remember, motorcycle insurance companies spend a lot more time checking claims then they do checking policy application details.

So be honest on your Arizona Motorcycle Insurance form!

2/ Get a wide variety of Arizona Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

You should be sure to check out the prices of many different policies and also compare what they offer. In that way you can be guaranteed to get the best possible deal.

It is worth doing this periodically in any case, just to be sure that your current insurance is at the best possible price and that your current insurance provider is not taking you for granted.

3/ Get the right cover

If you can possibly afford comprehensive Arizona Motorcycle Insurance then you should get it, because then you will not only be covered for accidents, but will also be covered for theft, vandalism to your motorbike and fire damage.

If that isn’t possible then be sure to get at least the Arizona State minimums for motorcycle insurance cover which are 15/30/10. In other words:

$15,000 medical expenses
$30,000 for each accident
$10,000 in property damage

In reality these are very low rates, and so more cover would definitely be preferable for any Arizona Motorcycle Insurance that you do take out, and you can find out more about the legal aspects of this on the Arizona Department of Insurance website here:


Regardless though, make sure that you check out what is available today, and plan accordingly.
Getting the right cover for you is much easier then you might think, and the first step is too get some quotes and see exactly what is on offer right now.


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