A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Alaska (AK)

Alaska is an enormous state and during the summer months there is nothing that compares to riding a motorcycle through the open terrain of this beautiful state. Because of the vastness of the territory though, there are hidden dangers for motorcyclists, and so it is essential that you get proper Alaska Motorcycle Insurance so that you are properly covered.

There is for example a very real risk that if you were involved in an accident in an inaccessible region of Alaska that you could require a helicopter to airlift you out, and the potential costs of something like that could potentially run into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars (depending on how remote you were). So it is incredibly important that you don’t neglect getting good motorcycle insurance in Alaska, simply because you assume that the small population makes it less likely that you will end up in an accident.

Alaska Motorcycle Insurance SealThat may well be true. But if you do run into problems then the costs could potentially be much higher than in more densely populated states with more readily accessible medical facilities.

The second thing to bear in mind is that because of the potentially harsh nature of the Alaskan wilderness that there are also greater likelihoods of motorcycle accidents caused by the unpredictability of the natural environment, and so falling trees, overflowing rivers, slippery roads and the like are a far great risk when you are riding free on the roads of Alaska, then they are on the roads of New York City (which does have other dangers that are just as large mind you!)

You should consider the types of Alaska Motorcycle Insurance that are available before you finalise your policy.

Types of Cover for Alaska Motorcycle Insurance

There are typically five main types of motorbike insurance that you should look at:

1/ Liability Cover
2/ Collision Cover
3/ Underinsured Motorist Cover
4/ Uninsured Motorist Cover
5/ Comprehensive Cover

These differ in scope and price.

The Specifics About The 5 Types of Alaska Motorcycle Insurance

Liability Cover is designed to protect you against the costs incurred if you cause damage to another person’s property or person in an accident. It is not designed to cover your own personal expenses.

Collision Cover is designed to cover your own costs if you are involved in an accident. Both in terms of replacing or repairing your motorcycle, and also with regard to any medical expenses that you might incur.

Underinsured Cover comes into play if the other party does not have adequate insurance. So if you are riding along the roads of Anchorage and are hit by an underinsured driver, then you can at least be certain that the medical bills will be paid, and your bike repaired if you have this type of cover.

Uninsured Motorist Cover is the same principal as underinsured cover, only this time the other party has no insurance at all, and so you are dependent on your own motorcycle insurance to meet all of the different expenses.

Comprehensive Cover allows you to have cover for theft, fire and vandalism as well as simply accidents. If you have a choice you should always look to get comprehensive motorcycle insurance when shopping for a policy in Alaska, because it is the type that affords you the highest level of peace of mind.

Clearly, how large your budget is will also play a crucial role in helping you to decide what types of cover to buy. But it is a fact that the levels of cover, how good the different Alaska Motorcycle Insurance Companies are at paying out on policies are, and other factors will play a part in your decisions as to which Alaska Motorcycle Insurance policy you end up going for.

Simply be aware that the best way to get started is to seek out a range of Alaska Motorcycle Insurance Quotes so that you have a range to choose from, and then choose between them.

It is also a good idea to be sure to check out any Alaska Motorcycle Insurance information that is available directly from the Alaska Department of Insurance here:


Before you finalise your choice though, be careful to read the terms and conditions of each policy very carefully. So that sometime in the next year a peaceful day spent riding the roads of Juneau or Anchorage does not turn into a financial nightmare!


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