A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Kansas (KS)

One of the great thing about the vast open roads of Kansas is that they are perfect to ride a motorcycle down!  And whether you are riding around Wichita or further afield out in the wilderness, there is always a great feeling of freedom and being at one with the world. However, one of the key pieces that you MUST take care of before you set out on your great adventures is to get some comprehensive full coverage Kansas Motorcycle Insurance that can properly protect you just in case anything untoward does happen.

The truth is that none of us expect disaster to strike and the very last thing that we think will happen when we go on a motorcycle ride is that we are going to be challenged by an accident. However, in reality you are far more likely to be involved in an accident riding a motorcycle then on virtually any other type of vehicle, and so it is essential that you take steps to sort out Kansas Motorcycle Insurance that is sufficiently comprehensive that you can in effect forget about it and just get on with riding!

What are the basic minimum requirements for Kansas Motorcycle Insurance?

There are some basic minimum requirements that your motorcycle insurance in Kansas has to have if you are to be road legal.

These are:

$25,000 – Bodily Injury liability for one person
$50,000 – Bodily injury cover for the whole accident
$10,000 – Property damage cover

This is typically referred to as 25/50/10 cover.

Are the Kansas Motorcycle Insurance Minimums High Enough?

Kansas Motorcycle Insurance SealA more pertinent question is whether or not the state minimum requirements are actually sufficient to consider yourself properly covered, because at the end of the day if you have an accident then someone is going to have to pay for the damage that was caused, and it is generally either going to be you or the insurance company.
If you haven’t got adequate motorcycle insurance in Kansas and you end up in a big accident outside Overland Park or Kansas City, then you could end up with a massive medical bill in addition to the possibility of legal expenses if the other party decides to sue you.

In addition there is also the possibility that you may have to pay out in the event that your bike is stolen, vandalised or destroyed by something unforeseen like a fire. Because unless you have taken the time to get Comprehensive Kansas Motorcycle Insurance that has full coverage provisions that cover you for those additional three areas, then you could find yourself out of pocket.

Another factor to consider is that many other drivers simply either don’t have any auto insurance, or else have such low levels of cover that in the event of an accident they are unable to cover the costs, even if it was their fault.

To circumvent this problem you should also look into adding underinsured driver cover and uninsured driver cover on to your policy. In that way you can then be 100% sure that should you have an accident that you would be properly covered and that the insurance company would pay out. This is a huge weight off most people’s minds, because then you know that as long as you personally have sorted out good Kansas Motorcycle Insurance that you no longer have to give any thought to the fact that about 15% of drivers are incredibly irresponsible, and either don’t have any, or not enough insurance when they drive on the roads of Kansas.

(You can also check with the Kansas Department of Insurance periodically about state minimums for Kansas Motorcycle Insurance because these figures can change from time to time.)


The best way to get going is to realise that you do have choices when it comes to getting your insurance cover and that it is a good idea to get a wide variety of Kansas Motorcycle Insurance Quotes from different companies so that you can see exactly what is available, and make your choices based on sound knowledge of the facts.


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