A Guide To Nova Scotia Motorcycle Insurance  

A Guide To Nova Scotia Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are popular in Nova Scotia, just as they are in most parts of the world. However, northern provinces like Nova Scotia have some unique dangers for motorcyclists that make the need for high quality insurance even higher. While Nova Scotia has its climate regulated by the bodies of water around it, the winters are still very cold and can lead to poor road conditions. Rain, snow, and ice can cause most motorcyclists to take their car out that day, but some adventurous bikers ride even in poor conditions. Nova Scotia is also known for being foggy, especially in the northern region. It is obvious why motorcycle insurance is such a competitive business in Nova Scotia.

Motorcycles do not handle poor weather as well as cars because they have less traction and a higher relative center of gravity. The painted lines that separate lanes can also get very slippery if it is cold or wet out. There does not actually need to be any rain for these painted lines to get very slippery. When you slip on a bike it will not only hurt but also can do cosmetic and frame damage to the bike.

In more than 75% of bike accidents involving another vehicle the other driver claims he or she did not see the bike. Visibility is obviously a major concern for any motorcyclist. With only a small head and tail light it can be very difficult for drivers to see you in the rain, fog, or even on a clear night. Some drivers mistake the small headlight of a motorcycle for a car that is further away.

The Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles makes it mandatory for anyone who wishes to operate a motorcycle to attain a class 6 license. The Registry of Motor Vehicles also offers training courses to help people attain their learner’s license and eventually move up to the full class 6 license. There are waiting periods between each skill level that limit the displacement of the motorcycle you can operate. Because of the great municipal motorcycle-training program that tests important skills like panic stops, as well as the displacement restrictions, Nova Scotia is a province of very skilled and safe motorcyclists, but unforeseen things do happen.

Many of the big national Canadian auto insurance companies offer coverage in Nova Scotia, and there are some local insurance companies as well. If you went through the municipal motorcycle-training program your insurance rates will normally be very affordable. You can also take additional classes and show proof of completion to your insurance agent to possibly receive a further discount. If you ride your motorcycle only during the summer months you can also sometimes receive a discount, as it is the winter months that offer the most danger to a rider in Nova Scotia.

No matter what your intended riding months are, or whether you consider yourself a safe rider or not, motorcycle insurance is very important because even minor accidents can cause major injuries to yourself and damage to the bike. Even veteran riders fall down sometimes, and you want to be able to repair your bike in the case of a spill.


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