A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Alabama (AL)

Alabama is one of the most beautiful states in the United States and with its wide open roads, and imposing views it is a magnificent place to ride a motorcycle and enjoy the wind in your hair and the feelings of freedom. However, it is also just as important that you make sure to get comprehensive Alabama Motorcycle Insurance so that you are covered in the event of any problems.

There are a number of different considerations to bear in mind when you are looking to get motorcycle insurance in Alabama, and we will discuss those here so that you can be clear on which Alabama Motorcycle Insurance policy is right for you, and the kinds of things that you should be looking out for when you seek out motorcycle cover.

Alabama Motorcycle Insurance – The Types of Cover

Alabama Motorcycle Insurance Seal1/ Collision Coverage

If you are involved in a collision or accident then it is collision cover that you will be relying on to reimburse you for the cost of your motorbike. Typically collision damage will pay out for the value of the motorcycle before the accident happened.

Some things to watch out for with this type of cover are whether the payment is for the new cost of the motorcycle, or the depreciated cost of the motorcycle (say if you have had it a few years). So be sure to check before you buy any Alabama motorcycle insurance exactly what you can expect to receive in the event of an accident where your bike was a write-off.

Typically it will be the book value of your motorcycle that your Alabama motorcycle insurance company will pay out for.

2/ Liability Coverage

This type of cover is not directly covering your motorcycle, but rather the costs involved both to other people’s property, and any physical harm that you cause to others that needs medical attention or incurs costs such as visits to the Doctor, hospital treatments etc. It is important to realise that this type of cover is specifically for OTHER people involved in a motorcycle accident, and not you or your motorcycle.

You should be sure to check that Guest Passenger Liability cover is included though, so that if you have someone else riding on your motorcycle with you, that they are properly covered in the event of an accident.

3/ Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

These are two types of cover, but they really are dealing with the same issue, so I will put them together.
These types of cover ensures that in the event that you are involved in an accident and the other party either doesn’t have any motorcycle insurance, or else doesn’t have adequate cover, that you will still be covered as regards medical costs and costs of the damage to your bike.

With a large portion of people still riding their motorcycles without any cover. It is essential that you properly explore getting these two types of cover added to your motorcycle insurance.

4/ Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Alabama Motorcycle Insurance covers you for additional scenarios such as vandalism, fire damage or theft of your bike.  However, once more you need to be properly read your insurance policy to check exactly what is covered, and also if there are any special procedures that you need to do for your motorcycle to be covered (for example locking up your bike securely when you are not on it, or garaging it overnight).

It is also worth bearing in mind that typically only standard bike parts are going to be covered. So if you have carried out any upgrades to your bike such as adding in chrome parts, fancy paint work, or better tyres, then you will need to talk to your insurance company in Alabama to make sure that they are added onto the policy separately in order to be covered.

If you don’t talk to your insurance company and simply take out the policy, then the sad fact is that they are probably not covered. So be sure to talk to them first.

(If you are looking to explore Alabama Motorcycle Insurance laws and regulations further then it is also worth having a look at the Alabama Department of Insurance who oversee insurance regulation in the state of Alabama here - https://www.aldoi.gov/.)

The Bottom Line on Alabama Motorcycle Insurance...

The bottom line is that it is essential to sort out a variety of Alabama Motorcycle Insurance Quotes so that you can compare the different types of cover that are available, and ensure that you get a policy that fits your specific needs.


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