A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Nebraska (NE)

Nebraska is bordered by six other states and there are six interstate highways that cross through Nebraska (76, 80, 129, 180, 480 and 680). Nebraska has a large amount of small towns, but like many mid-west state most of them (89% in the case of Nebraska) have fewer than 3,000 residents as there has been a rural flight to the big cities. Omaha for example has grown dramatically in the last ten years and is now the 42nd largest city in the United States. 

What all this means for motorcyclists is that there are vast swathes of the state that are open to exploration, and coupled with the fact that Nebraska has some great plain trails it is a terrific state to traverse on a motorcycle. Before you set out though you need to make sure that you have got comprehensive, full coverage Nebraska Motorcycle Insurance that can protect you in the event of accidents. And in this article I am going to explore your options and talk about how to get the best cover possible.

What are the minimum requirements for Nebraska Motorcycle Insurance?

There are certain mandatory minimum requirements that are set down in law as to the insurance that you MUST have in place if you want to ride your motorcycle legally on the roads of Nebraska.

These are:

$25,000 – Bodily injury liability for one person
$50,000 – Bodily injury liability for a whole accident
$25,000 – Property damage liability cover

These are normally referred to a 25/50/25 cover.

Are the Nebraska Motorcycle Insurance Minimums enough?

There are a couple of key considerations when looking at insurance cover. The first of these is that the minimum requirements exist to provide a safety net for consumers, but they are not designed to be an ‘ideal’ amount of cover or to provide consumers with all of the cover that they might ideally want.

There are several elements that are missing from the basic liability policies and it is important to mention them so that you can reach a considered judgement on which levels of cover you really need.

Nebraska Motorcycle Insurance SealThe first element is the amount of liability cover that the basic minimums would suggest. The figures that are the minimums in Nebraska are roughly average for most of the states (25/50/25 is among the most common configurations). But it is still very low if you compare it to even the most basic commercial Nebraska Motorcycle Insurance policies, so you should give some thought to raising the amounts of basic liability cover of your policy.

(You can keep up to date about the legal side of Nebraska Motorcycle Insurance on the Nebraska Department of Insurance's website.)


In addition, the second element to consider is that your motorcycle being stolen would NOT be covered by the basic minimums as it is designed solely around accidents, and yet eight motorcycles are stolen every MINUTE in the United States, so there is a very good chance that if you own a motorcycle for any length of time that you will either get your bike stolen, or know someone who has.

The third consideration is that you also are not covered for fire damage, storm damage or vandalism. So if any of those occur and you only have a basic level of cover, then you will find yourself having to pay out to either repair or replace your motorcycle.

The fourth consideration is that a large minority of drivers do not have any insurance at all when they drive, and so if you are caught out by being in an accident with a car or truck that doesn’t have any insurance then you could find yourself out of pocket.

In order to combat this, you can add on Underinsured/Uninsured Drivers Cover onto any policy that you do get, and this will pay out if you end up in an accident with the 15% of drivers who don’t have insurance, even if any accident was their fault.

The good news is that all of these four considerations can be overcome simply by taking out the right kind of insurance in the first place. What you need to get is comprehensive, full coverage Nebraska Motorcycle Insurance that covers you for these extra elements and also increases the basic amount of liability cover.

In order to do that you can get a quote below and compare between different companies to assess for yourself exactly what is available.


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