A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Idaho (ID)

Idaho has some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the United States, and it is easy to see why anyone who loves the outdoors and enjoys the feel of powering through the wind would enjoy motorcycling through the fantastic scenery that surrounds Boise or Nampa.  But it is also important to realise that making sure that you have good full coverage Idaho Motorcycle Insurance that can provide safety, security and medical treatment in the event that an accident did occur, is also a sensible idea.

The statistics about motorcycling accidents are quite frightening in some respects if you are a keen motorcyclist, because the odds of being in an accident if you are riding a motorcycle is many times greater than if you are driving a car.

Now, clearly, there are many different reasons for that, and many of them come down to other road users not driving properly, pulling out when they shouldn’t, getting distracted, or just plain not seeing a motorcyclist and crashing into them. But regardless of who is to blame for an accident, the fact remains that it simply makes sense if you want to ride a motorcycle in Idaho to get the the best possible Idaho Motorcycle Insurance that you can.

What are the state minimums for Idaho Motorcycle Insurance Coverage?

Before you can ride your motorcycle in Meridian, Pocatello or any of the other cities of Idaho you must (at a minimum) have some basic liability cover as follows:

$25,000 of liability cover per person
$50,000 of liability cover for the whole accident (i.e in other words to make sure that a minimum of two people are covered by the policy).
$15,000 to cover personal property damage caused by any accident

This is usually referred to as 25/50/15.

In fact, when you register your motorcycle it is a legal requirement that you sign to confirm that you have Idaho Motorcycle Insurance that at least covers those three basic requirements.

Are the state minimums for Idaho Motorcycle Insurance Cover enough?

Now, whilst you can legally ride your motorcycle in Idaho with only the above levels of cover, it is well worth reflecting on whether those levels are actually sufficient, and whether or not you should in fact get higher amounts of liability cover, and also get additional cover that affords you more protection both in the event of an accident (which is all liability insurance covers you for), and in other circumstances such as your bike being vandalised, stolen or accidentally damaged.

Idaho Motorcycle Insurance SealThe reality is also that it is estimated that about 15% of drivers are driving around either without any auto insurance, or else driving around with lower levels of cover then they really need.
The upshot of that state of affairs is that if you are involved in an accident with these drivers (which statistically there is about a one in six chance of them being in one of those two camps). Then your insurance will need to be doubly good in order to ensure that all parties (but most of all you!) are properly protected.

In order to do that you need to make sure to add-on underinsured cover and uninsured cover on  to your policy, and also look to get a more comprehensive full coverage Idaho Motorcycle Insurance policy. Doing so will also have the benefit of covering your motorbike against theft, which is a big deal for motorcyclists, as by their nature bike are considerably more portable than cars and hence are stolen far more commonly.

And yet only about 20% of motorcycles that are stolen are ever recovered, so the chances are that if your motorcycle is stolen, perhaps on the streets of Boise or Idaho Falls, then there is only about a one in five chance that you will ever get it back. Not good odds, so you want to make sure that at least if it is stolen that you can replace it, something that you can be sure of with the fuller coverage policies, but not with the more basic policies that the state mandates.

(You should also check out Idaho Motorcycle Insurance regulations on the Idaho Department of Insurance website - https://www.doi.idaho.gov/ - to keep updated on exactly what the legal requirements are with regards to what are the state minimums, as this can change.)

Additionally, a policy that covers you for elements such as accidental damage, vandalism and fires means that you won’t potentially face a big financial liability for every little time that something unforeseen happens, but can instead relax and do what your bike was intended to do, namely ride it!

Check out a selection of Idaho Motorcycle Insurance Quotes and you can then compare all the different options that are available to you, and see first-hand how doing so affects your premiums.


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