A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance in Colorado (CO)

Riding through the majestic landscape of Colorado on a sunny day on a motorcycle is up there with one of the most pleasant ways that you can spend your time. Wind in your hair and feeling that everything is alright with the world. But in order to feel properly at ease you have to get some good quality Colorado Motorcycle Insurance so that you know that you are properly covered if anything unforeseen does occur.

The truth is that problems can and do arise unexpectedly when you are riding a motorcycle. And particularly because of the wonderful flexibility that riding a motorcycle gives you, you can end up in places that you otherwise normally wouldn’t, and this can bring with it a whole host of challenges that you haven’t previously considered. For this reason you should make sure to get Comprehensive Colorado Motorcycle Insurance that can protect you should the worst happen.

Another reason why getting affordable Colorado Motorcycle Insurance should be something that you give more time to is for financial reasons. At first it might seem like getting a better quality of Colorado Motorcycle Insurance is an added expense that you can cheerfully live without, but the reason that you should go for higher levels of cover then the state minimums is because these were simply designed to be a very bare minimum safety net so that everyone can at least ride legally in Colorado. But they are not designed to offer you protection under all circumstances.

Colorado Motorcycle Insurance State Minimum Laws

In Colorado the state mandates certain minimum requirements that you must have in order to ride a motorcycle legally on the roads of Denver or Lakewood or any of the other great cities of Colorado.

And under this cover you only have to have the most basic level of liability insurance in order to be able to ride your motorcycle legally.  In effect this means that if you are involved in an accident that the other party is properly protected and their property is protected, however bear in mind that this basic Motorcycle Insurance Colorado cover does not protect your own bike and so if you opt for this then you would have to be prepared to pay for the costs of the repair or replacement of your motorcycle out of your own pocket. Ouch!

The Colorado Motorcycle Insurance Laws set down that the basic liability coverage that has to be met in order to comply with the law is: (CO Motorcycle Insurance Laws)

$25,000 – Liability cover for one person
$50,000 – Liability cover for ALL people involved in a single accident
$15,000 – Liability cover for damage to property

This is more commonly referred to as 25/50/15 cover.

(You should periodically check for additional information about Colorado Motorcycle Insurance at the Colorado Department of Insurance website in order to make sure that your motorcycle remains road legal.)


Why Colorado Motorcycle Insurance Minimums May Not Be Enough

Colorado Motorcycle Insurance SealAs I alluded to earlier, the costs of damage to your own motorbike would NOT be covered by this basic cover. So if you have a decent bike then it is worth looking to get some comprehensive motorcycle insurance in Colorado so that it would be properly covered.

It is also worth bearing in mind that independent bodies such as The Insurance Research Council have estimated that about 15% of ALL motorists in Colorado drive without ANY insurance, so if you want to be properly covered then it is important to properly plan ahead and also get Uninsured Cover and Underinsured Cover added to your policy.
This could be critically important if you have an accident, as the weight of financial burdens would fall on your policy, so you should make sure that it is good enough to cover any other irresponsible drivers who either haven't got adequate motorcycle insurance, or haven't got any.

The bottom line is that getting good quality Colorado Motorcycle Insurance is not something that you should leave to chance, as a few minutes spent now getting a few quotes can save you an enormous amount of hassle in the future.


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