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Do The Car Insurance Companies Offer Benefits That You Don't Know About?

It has never been easier to shop around with the car insurance companies for an auto insurance quote. And it is well worth doing so, because seemingly identical car insurance policies can differ markedly in how much they will cost you, depending on which car insurance companies actually provide you with the quote.

Often times you will find that auto insurance companies will have a particular marketing strategy that affects the types of car insurance that they offer to consumers. This is simply because there is now so much competition (especially online) for the auto insurance dollar that it simply makes sense for the companies to differentiate themselves more clearly.

With some this differentiation can occur with particular (extra) benefits that they will offer above and beyond their rivals, such as for example:

- Call centers in your home state

- Extra legal cover if you become embroiled in a legal battle following a crash.

- Extra types of cover that other car insurance companies in the USA would NOT cover you for, but which they do.

- Benefits if you insure more than one vehicle with the same company.

The last of those is now quite common amongst insurers in the US, because they have started to realize that in a family where there are several adult children and elderly relatives for example, that it is not that uncommon that four or more cars will need insuring, and that simply by offering greater discounts for multiple policies they place themselves in a great position to get multiple policies at the same time.

This is a sensible strategy, because the costs of acquiring new customers (especially in the insurance industry) can be huge, so the subject of customer retention and picking up easy sales where possible is always in the back of every insurance companies mind.

Remember that when you do shop around for different auto insurance quotes, it is always a good to keep a copy of your original policy to hand. This is so that you are comparing like with like. Otherwise something that seems a fantastic bargain from some car insurance companies, may in fact not represent the great deal that you originally thought when you factor in for example personal injury cover etc., or other elements of the policy that may not have been featured as heavily in the marketing materials, and which are in fact worse than your existing cover.

You do not want to be in the position of patting yourself on the back for getting some car insurance that saves you a little money initially; only to discover when you have an accident that you are not covered for everything that you thought you were.

The last thing that you want with car insurance is surprises!

So, it really pays to research which car insurance companies offer the best deals on paper, and also to do some background research on the internet as to the probity and reliability of the different companies and how good they are in practice when unfortunate circumstances hit, and people are forced to claim on their policies. Remember that great car insurance deals are only really great if the car insurance company can be relied upon to payout!

Forums can be a good place to some initial research into companies, as you can then freely connect with existing policyholders without the interference of representatives from the company.

This "impartiality" is essential if you want to end up with a policy that is demonstrably better than the one that you already have.

A good starting point is to consider some of the various options when you are looking at car insurance. Which we discuss in our car insurance section. And there are also a range of good car insurance companies to get quotes from to start the ball rolling!

You can also take a look at our state specific guides to auto insurance in your state, which in addition to highlighting some of the leading car insurance companies that you should be looking to get a quote from in your specific area, also addresses some of the unique state to state requirements that you should be aware of before you buy.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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