A Guide to Auto Insurance in South Carolina (SC)

While some states will require you to sign a document at the DMV stating you have insurance, South Carolina does things a little different. They require you to give them the name of your insurance company and then the information is searched electronically. If you provide any type of false information your license could be suspended over a certain period of time.

Owning South Carolina auto insurance is something everyone should do "just-in-case" one of those unfortunate events take place. If you don't there could be all kinds of fines, fees, and headaches when dealing with all the trouble you can get into because of it. We understand some individuals or families choose to bypass insurance because they don't believe they can afford it. But the consequences of being in an accident and NOT having any South Carolina auto insurance in place can be terrible both from a legal point of view, and also a financial point of view.

So what happens if you do get into an accident? Are you going to be able to cover all the damages and repairs? What if the other driver takes you to court? This means money spent on an attorney bills, gas, and time away from work so you're basically losing on every side of the spectrum. Don't let it come to this, get some South Carolina Auto Insurance Quotes and start to get a feel for how much it will really cost.

Let's make a start by learning about some of the laws for your state.

South Carolina Auto Insurance - The Beginning Stages

It is required by law for you to own South Carolina auto insurance if you live in the state. However, liability coverage is the state mandate, and the minimums are:

* $25,000 per person for bodily injury coverage
* $50,000 per accident
* $25,000 for personal property

The insurance companies today will provide this initial coverage for you. This way an individual isn't paying for a policy that doesn't even offer the state minimum. If you do get pulled over without South Carolina auto insurance with the minimum amounts there will be a ticket and an arrest to follow. If this does take place you must pay the ticket within 15 days or you could have an indefinite license suspension on your hands.

Another thing to consider is adding more coverage onto your policy, even if you're in a financial crunch. This is because someone will be found "at-fault" when an accident takes place. If you're the guilty party then all the damages to your vehicle and their vehicle must be covered by your South Carolina auto insurance plan. If there isn't enough to cover the damages you have to pay out of pocket.

And the costs of that can vary dramatically from small amounts to enormous sums if medical expenses or questions of liability are at stake, and so what seemed like a small saving today can turn into an enormous bill if you do ever find yourself being involved in an accident.

This is why a lot of residents in the state of South Carolina add underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage to their plan. It will alleviate a situation where the other driver is at-fault, but doesn't have enough insurance to cover the damages or any insurance at all. Hopefully you can see that this will keep you from taking a person to court or having to pay out of pocket yourself to pay for any repairs that need to be made.

Getting Some South Carolina Auto Insurance Quotes...

Since South Carolina auto insurance is somewhat expensive compared to other states, it's a good idea to look for discounts. One thing to do is contact an insurance agent and ask them what type of standard discounts are available. See how much you can save by raising your deductible. It's also important to see whether or not they have future discounts like a no claims bonus.

Another good approach is to shop online for a policy, because you can then instantly see several different options from a number of different South Carolina Auto Insurance Companies at once, and hence become more likely to be able to find the ideal combination of cover and price for your particular needs.

Eventually you will see why South Carolina auto insurance is considered a necessity. If you take the right approach you can own a great policy at an affordable rate.


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