How to Find Antique Car Insurance Companys in New Jersey  

How to Find Antique Car Insurance Companys in New Jersey

Do you own an antique or classic car in New Jersey? Are you paying for regular traditional automobile insurance? The truth is, traditional automobile insurance was not created to handle the appreciated values associated with antique or classic vehicles. If your classic car is insured traditionally, you may find that the pay out amount if it is ever totaled is significantly less than what the car is worth. However, you can protect yourself by applying for an antique car insurance policy instead, one that will take vehicle appreciation into consideration in order to ensure that you are paid out an amount that corresponds with what your vehicle is worth. The first step in the process is finding an antique car insurance company in New Jersey, which should not be too difficult because many automobile insurance companies offer antique car insurance.

Thanks to an increase in competition in the automobile insurance market in New Jersey, it has become quite possible for anyone to find affordable, quality automobile insurance. There are many different automobile insurance providers, each one offering their own unique set of rates and quotes for different situations. Shopping for antique car insurance companies in New Jersey is just like shopping for any form of insurance. The best way to get most of the work done is to consult the internet, as there are websites out there that exist only to deliver as many different automobile insurance quotes as possible from several different companies. What makes this such a useful method of shopping for car insurance is the fact that you only need to fill out a single form in order to obtain several different quotes. These insurance quote websites will typically ask questions about you and your driving history, then about your vehicle. Automobile insurance providers which have a specialty in antique car insurance will be able to offer you a quote for this specific type of insurance. Companies which do not offer antique car insurance policies will still be able to provide automobile insurance quotes, however, the rates for these quotes will likely be significantly higher than what you will be quoted for insurance which is designed specifically for your vehicle.

Shopping around for car insurance quotes is a necessary part of purchasing car insurance, but only if you want to obtain the best possible rates and premiums. If you are happy paying anything, choosing a local insurance company may be your best bet. But if you are looking to pay as little as possible for the best coverage that you can obtain for your vehicle, especially when it comes to a classic or antique car, shopping around and comparing many different quotes is simply part of the process. Once you manage to obtain a few quotes from several different automobile insurance companies offering antique car insurance, you should compare each plan with the following factors in mind:

  • Make sure that the plans you are considering offer what is called an "Agreed value policy". What this entails, is that you sit down with your insurance provider and agree upon a value for your antique or classic car, rather than going by what the car is worth minus depreciation. This way, if your classic car is ever totaled, the amount that you will receive will be the agreed upon value, and you will not lose much in terms of the investment. When a regular car is totaled, the pay out is based on what the car is currently worth, which is calculated by subtracting the vehicle's depreciation from the cost to replace it. When it comes to an antique or classic car, tallying the value of the car this way would leave you with an extremely low figure considering the valuable nature of the vehicle.
  • Make sure to pay attention to what the insurance provider's requirements are when it comes to deciding whether a vehicle qualifies for antique car insurance or not. Typically, in order to qualify for antique car insurance, there is a minimum number of years of driving experience that you must have. Additionally, your vehicle must not be used for business purposes, and you must be able to prove that you drive another car regularly. There is typically a maximum number of miles that you can travel in your antique car every year in order to keep your coverage, and your vehicle must be stored in a garage or another form of storage building when it is not being driven. Finally, many insurance companies have posed a minimum age for antique cars. If your vehicle is not at least fifteen years old, it may not qualify.
  • No matter which insurance provider or plan you choose, you should never be paying more for antique car insurance than what you are quoted from traditional car insurance. This is because you are required to drive your antique car significantly less, which preserves the value of it and makes it a great deal less likely for you to find yourself in a car accident. Traditional car insurance tends to be a great deal more expensive, which is why it is worthless for you to insure an antique car with traditional insurance.

There are plenty of antique car insurance companies in New Jersey, you simply have to know where and how to look for them. Your best bet will always be via the internet, because there are fast quote websites which strive to deliver several quick car insurance quotes from local providers, and all you have to do is fill out a simple form with basic information about your vehicle and your driving history. Shopping for insurance rate quotes online is a great deal faster and easier than driving around trying to locate local insurance companies. Do not waste time and money trying to get your quotes delivered in person. The internet is the fastest and easiest way to obtain many different antique car insurance quotes with little effort at all.
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