A Guide to Auto Insurance in New Hampshire (NH)

Until 2010, New Hampshire auto insurance was different than any other state in the country. State laws didn't require coverage like other areas, but times have changed. Even if you've had a policy for years it's important to look over the new state laws in New Hampshire. We understand that this is an added expense for most people in the state, but there are ways to make it affordable. Today we want to cover both areas so you can get a better feel for what is needed.

Possible Requirements

All 50 states have their own requirements that differ from one another. So when you purchase New Hampshire auto insurance the same rules apply. Understanding the mandatory requirements by the state will keep you from having your privileges revoked and paying fees to reinstate your license and/or registration. Here are a few things you will need when you own an auto policy in the state of New Hampshire:

Understanding the Coverage - Even though there have been changes made, you still are not required to carry liability coverage. Some states want financial backing for you to drive out on the open roads, but in the Granite state it's a bit different. The only time you have to have liability coverage is if:

* You've ever been in an accident
* You've been convicted of a DUI or have had drugs in the system while driving
* You have received several driving convictions over the years
* You had some sort of traffic violations, which will spawn a review of your history as a driver

If you do fall into any of these categories then the state has minimum requirements for liability coverage that must be adhered to before you can receive insurance. The standards are; $25,000 of coverage for injuries or death occurring to one person in an accident, $50,000 of coverage for injuries or deaths occurring to more than one person in an accident, and $25,000 of property damage coverage per accident.

Even if you're not required to have this under your policy we still recommend it. If an accident does occur you will feel comfortable knowing that your New Hampshire auto insurance will take care of everything, even if you're at-fault. Those who don't have this cover will have to pay out-of-pocket and deal with possible lawsuits as well, and when you are talking about auto accidents these are expenses that could end up being huge, so it is well worth getting the best possible cover.

How does New Hampshire figure out your Rates?

Since every citizen in the state of New Hampshire is not required to purchase liability coverage, rates are different from other states. In fact, one of the major areas revolves around insurance "codes" that are used to determine different factors. If you have a lower number then your premium is going to be lower. If you have a higher number then it's going to be higher. Here are a couple of the things that come into play:

* Security devices/Location/Work - Where you live and the type of security devices on the vehicle will play a major role in your New Hampshire auto insurance. The company wants to know the kind of likelihood that your vehicle will be stolen or vandalized. So if you fit extra alarm systems, wheel locks and park your car in a garage rather than on the open road, then these can all be factors that can help to lower the cost of you auto insurance in New Hampshire.

* The Vehicle/Durability - We provide information about the make and model of our vehicle all the time, but it's not just for them to keep track of it. Companies want to know how well your vehicle holds up in storms and whether or not there are breakdown issues. So it's possible that your vehicle is one of the reasons you end up with a higher insurance cost.

Some vehicles score much higher than others in vehicle safety tests, and also in the average amount of damage that gets done to them in an accident. The New Hampshire Auto Insurance Companies are well aware of these statistics, and in fact often commission studies like these themselves, so that they can work out how much to charge for different cars, and there findings will influence the final cost of your New Hampshire Auto Insurance.

The good news if you have just bought a new car is that more modern cars are gradually becoming safer as the years pass, and so if you need to insure a new car, then crash test reports and damage reports will tend to be better than older vehicles.

If however you are insuring an older vehicle, then you may find that some of these factors count against you, so it is well worth shopping around to see who can offer the best deal on your particular model and make of car.

Take the time to read over all the state requirements that come with New Hampshire auto insurance. Even though the state has different laws you still need to be prepared. Asking about discounts and searching online will also give you the necessary tools to make it affordable, and getting a variety ofNew Hampshire Auto Insurance quotes and comparing them will help you to get the good value deal that you deserve.


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