A Guide to Auto Insurance in Virginia (VA)

The state of Virginia is among the most beautiful of the original colonies. The climate of Virginia is beautiful and temperate, there are a wide variety of ways in which to entertain yourself, and the state is a stone's throw from the U.S. capital, with barely an hour or two to get there from anywhere.

The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, as well as the Shenendoah Valley make for interesting sightseeing and you're going to need a car if you're going to take in all that this historic state has to offer you. Needless to say, if  you're going to go the distance in Virginia, see the Civil war historical sites and the birthplace of our country's first president you are also going to need good Virginia auto insurance.

In the state of Virginia, much as in every other state in the United States, you are required to show that you have auto insurance prior to registering your vehicle in that state. If you are at any time not covered by car insurance in Virginia, and have not paid the uninsured motorist fee, it is the duty of the insurance company to contact the Virginia state department of transportation and inform them of the lapse in your automobile insurance.

If that happens then you will be required to pay money to become re-instated, and will find yourself on the end of numerous unwelcome letters from The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

The easy way to avoid all that pain is simply to sort yourself out with a selection of Virginia Auto Insurance Quotes, and make sure that you get proper auto cover. In that way when you are exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains in your caur, the only thing you will be thinking about is the beautiful scenery, and not the possible financial and legal implications if you are caught driving without insurance.

The amount of coverage that you are required to maintain on your car when you have Virginia auto insurance varies depending on your particular needs and requirements, and you can choose to get more comprehensive Virginia Auto Insurance, or simply stick to the state minimums for different elements, such as bodily injury, legal liabity etc.

In addition to this, certain other criteria may be required if you are using a hire car in the state.

The law requires that those who have Virginia auto insurance hold the following minimum amounts of coverage in specific areas:

 * Bodily injury or the death of one person $25,000
 * Bodily injury or the death of two or more people $50,000
  * Damages to property $20,000

It is worth emphasising here that those are minimum amounts, and so it is perfectly fine to get extra cover, your simply can't dip below those amounts and stay legally covered.

In addition, in Virginia, you may also register your car as being an uninsured vehicle if you so choose. You will be required to pay a fee of 500 dollars to the DMV. This fee doesn't cover you or your liability and does not give you insurance coverage. You are still personally liable for any accident or injuries that you may incur and remember that the cost of these incidents may be exorbitant; so you would be well advised to instead shop around and get some proper cover sorted out.

The uninsured motorist fee is renewable every year, but may be paid for a shorter amount of time at your request. In most cases, the amount that you would pay for Virginia auto insurance would be far less than the fee. You would also not be liable for the damages that you may incur or may cause when driving in Virginia. The reality is that the payment of the uninsured fee in Virginia does not mean you don't need Virginia auto insurance, which may be far less costly in the long run.

In reality it is more of a legal way of encouraging people to get proper auto insurance in Virginia, whilst at the same time keeping some kind of register of those who don't have insurance in the state.

A better option is to get some auto quotes immediately, and instead compare what the different Virginia Auto Insurance Companies have to offer in the way of available deals. This is free, and ensures that should be involved in an accident that a bad situation does not become much worse.


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