A Guide to Auto Insurance in Georgia (GA)

Georgia boasts some amazing sights and sounds. If you're a history buff, you're going to be impressed by the sites such as Stone Mountain and the many battlefields of the Civil War. Atlanta, Georgia is the site of many different historic battles, as well as a vast array of more modern things to see and do such as the Georgia Aquarium and the Atlanta Braves baseball, not to mention the various sporting arenas and shows that take place in a larger city.

The civil rights movement offers a good deal of historical significance here as well, so when you come to Georgia, make sure that your Georgia auto insurance is all up to date and that you're well covered. Your car is going to add a lot of miles to it while you're visiting or living in Georgia. Making sure that your Georgia auto insurance is up to the challenge is going to be easier than you think.

The internet is a vast storehouse of information. Finding out what you need to know about your Georgia auto insurance is going to be as easy as clicking your mouse and seeking out the proper amounts of Georgia auto insurance for your situation.

Given the economy recently, a lot of people have lowered the amount of their car insurance in order to save money. But they have later found to their cost that saving a few dollars a month on their Georgia auto insurance wasn't in their best interests. This especially hits home if you are involved in an auto accident and are suddenly faced with the prospect of having to meet both an enormous repair bill for your car, and also possibly paying for either your own, or someone elses medical expenses.

This can be prohibitively expensive, and what may have appeared at first to have been a cost saving measure by lessening your amount of car insurance, can very quickly turn into a nightmare.

For the state of Georgia, certain types of car insurance are necessary in order to comply with the laws of Georgia regarding Georgia auto insurance coverage. The typical amounts that you must buy are close in most of the states, with a few exceptions. Georgia falls within the normal limits of coverage, with these amounts and coverages required by law:

* Bodily injury insurance, with a liability limit per person in any accident, the requirement for this coverage is $25,000.

* The Bodily injury amount of coverage required for Georgia auto insurance for all of the people injured in the accident is $20,000.

* For Property damage liability insurance you are required to have coverage that is at least $25,000.

These coverages, as well as other minimums such as uninsured and under-insured drivers, along with property damage minimums are required. Georgia auto insurance laws also require that a proof of insurance must be offered in order that you are able to drive your car in the state of Georgia. Failure to show proof of coverage means that you may not register your car or legally drive it in the state of Georgia.

Georgia is another of the states which permits you to use self coverage or self insurance. If you do so, you must carry a financial statement in your car that proves your ability to pay for any accident up to and including the Georgia liability limits.

That is clearly one option, but a better option is simply to get adequate amounts of auto insurance in the first place, so that you no longer have to give the matter any thought.


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