A Guide to Auto Insurance in Mississippi (MS)

If you live in Mississippi, you have to carry at least some type of Mississippi auto insurance -- assuming you drive your own car (in other words, you either own or lease that car). The problem is, insurance can be expensive no matter how you slice it. There are some ways you can reduce your costs, though. Let's take a look at them.

Only carry collision or comprehensive insurance if you need it

You only need to carry collision or comprehensive insurance if your car is newer than 10 years old and/or you don't own your car outright. If you're still making payments on it, or you lease your car, your leasing company or dealership may require that you carry these types of insurance. In most cases, when it comes to Mississippi auto insurance, liability insurance alone will be enough for you if your car is at least 10 years old.

Again, this depends. Comprehensive Mississippi Auto Insurance exists because it will pay out for vandalism, storm damage etc. And so in practical terms it is far more common to be able to make an auto insurance claim if you have comprehensive cover, because it covers you for far more.

The costs can be expensive however, so clearly you need to take a close look at the figures and see if they make sense.

Be a safe driver

Regardless of who you are, your insurance rates are going to be lower if you're a safe driver. Insurance companies charge based upon your record; if you have lots of moving violations or you've been in an accident(s), you may only be able to get high risk insurance (if companies will insure you at all); that's going to cost a significant amount of money. For your own safety and for that of others on the road, be a safe driver. In addition to safety concerns, being a safe driver will save you money, too.

Some Mississippi Auto Insurance Companies will lower your premiums if you have extra advanced driving lessons, or take extra precautions like garaging your car, so look out for those when you get some Mississippi Auto Insurance Quotes to see if you could potentially save some extra money.

Do carry at least liability insurance

You can't be stopped by Mississippi law enforcement solely on suspicion that you don't carry insurance, but you can be asked for proof of insurance if you're stopped for any other reason. Not carrying liability insurance can be costly for you. If you're stopped and you're not carrying at least liability insurance, you can be fined $1000, and you may have driving privileges revoked until you pay for insurance.

To be clear, liability insurance minimums in Mississippi are that you carry a minimum of $10,000 per person for personal injury or $20,000 maximum per accident, and $5,000 minimum in property damage.

You should really get more than these Mississippi auto insurance minimums, but at least if you have those you will be driving legally.

Get older

Get older? That's right; young drivers (under the age of 25) are charged more for insurance than older drivers are simply because they're a bigger risk to insurance companies. Statistically speaking, young drivers take more risks when they drive, with young male drivers the biggest risk of all.

Therefore, if you're a young driver (and especially a young male driver), you'll pay more for the same insurance than older drivers will. The good news is that once you're over the age of 25, your insurance premiums will drop -- assuming you've kept your driving record clean and are a safe driver.

But if you are a 17 year old driver looking for Mississippi Auto Insurance then be prepared to pay considerably more for your cover.

Shop around

When you're looking for Mississippi auto insurance, do shop around. The Internet has made it very easy to do some comparison-shopping; get quotes from several different companies for the type of coverage you need (whether liability, collision and/or comprehensive).

If you scroll up then you can instantly get our selection of the best deals currently for Mississippi Auto Insurance in your specific area. Just put in your zip code to see the selection, and then visit them to get a quote and then choose the best policy for the lowest price.


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