A Guide to Auto Insurance in Idaho (ID)

If you want to make sure you have the minimum requirements necessary for Idaho auto insurance requirements, you have to have a policy that is at least the split limit liability of 25/50/15. Liability insurance covers the other driver's property damage or physical injury in the event you cause the accident.  It does not cover any injury to you or your vehicle. That type of coverage is comprehensive and collision coverage that has deductibles you pay out of your pocket. The state of Idaho doesn't require this type of coverage, but if you owe money on your car, your lender may require the coverage to protect their interest.

Split limit liability differs from single limit liability insurance.  Single limit liability is just one number such as $100,000. If you cause an accident, the maximum the company pays for bodily injury or property damage is $100,000. If the other party suffered a loss of $30,000 in property damage and his passenger had bodily injury claims that amounted to $65,000, the insurance company would divide the payment that way, as long as it didn't amount to more than $100,000.

Split limit liability has special limits. If you're in an accident and have 25/50/15 coverage, the maximum amount the company pays towards compensating one injured person is $25,000, but if there is more than one person injured, they'll pay no more than $50,000. If one person has serious injuries amounting to bills in excess of $25,000 it doesn't matter if he's the only injured party, $25,000 is the ceiling. The same holds true of property damage. In this case, the limit is $15,000.  

Idaho auto insurance laws states that if you don't have Idaho auto insurance, and you register and operate your car in Idaho, you must have the minimum requirements for insurance or face stiff penalties. You can post an indemnity bond in lieu of insurance. The bond guarantees that if you have an accident, it covers any injury or property damage within 30 days. The guaranteed amount should be no less than $50,000 for each vehicle the person registers up to a maximum guarantee of $120,000 if you have five vehicles. That bond certainly makes insurance seem a lot more inviting.

If a person doesn't have the insurance or the bond, Idaho auto insurance laws state that the first offense only costs you a fine of $75.00.  However, the second infraction of the law within a five-year period is a whopper. You could receive a fine of $1,000 or even six months in county jail. In some instances, both the fine and the jail time are the punishment.

However, the big issue is not really the fine you might face, but the dangers both in legal and financial terms of driving your vehicle without insurance. There are of course ethical issues as well, because you are not acting responsibly to other motorists. But if you get into an accident then you will very soon find that the costs of medical cover an car repair costs can seem punitive, and that you are putting at risk your whole financial future if you don't get adequate protection.

If one company rejects you for Idaho auto insurance, you should keep trying since coverage is a requirement. However, there is a guaranteed plan backed by the state called the Idaho Automobile Insurance Plan. Western Association of Automobile Insurance Plans administers it. While you have a guarantee of insurance coverage through this plan, be prepared to pay rather salty premiums, since the plan is often the last resort for high-risk drivers.

In general you will find that you are better off to get some quotes from various Idaho Auto Insurance Companies, and compare the rates that they have on offer. It will more than likely be cheaper and offer better levels of cover for average drivers.


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