A Guide to Auto Insurance in Massachusetts (MA)

There are two indispensable items that come with the privilege and responsibility of driving a car and these are a driver's license and Massachusetts auto insurance. There are many different questions that come up when you are getting insurance for your automobile such as the amount of coverage required by law, where to obtain such insurance and how much it will cost. There are answers for these questions and others that come up from a visit to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles, who handle the registration and issuing of drivers licenses to qualified drivers.

Purchasing automobile insurance in the state of Massachusetts is required by state law, with the exceptions being made for official vehicles belonging to the fire, police and ambulance services. The law also states that if you are caught driving without insurance coverage for your car, your registration will be taken away and you will be susceptible to other legal fines or imprisonment. And of course this doesn't even include the potentially disastrous results if you have a car accident in Massachusetts, but aren't insured. Realistically if anyone gets hurt in a car addient and it is your fault, then the potential liability costs that you face could be huge, and so getting a few Massachusetts Auto Insurance Quotes and getting covered is not only the right thing to do from a legal perspective, it is also the right thing to do from a financial perspective.

The Massachusetts Bill of Consumer rights states that you have the right to purchase automobile insurance and that you can not be discriminated against unfairly by being denied insurance. This also states that you can't be denied coverage on the basis of credit reports and if an insurer refuses to insure you, the Massachusetts Automobile Insurance Plan will help you become insured for up to three years. In addition to these protections and rights, drivers have the added ability to file a complaint to the state department of insurance if they feel like they have been wrongly denied insurance for their automobile and the benefit of being allowed to seek the lowest cost of automobile insurance. These provide a greater measure of protection and rights for the driver to be able to comply with the law and have Massachusetts auto insurance for themselves and their passengers to cover damage.

It is recommended that you chose carefully the amount of coverage and the different time limits, both for your protection and as protection for bodily injury that happens in an accident. The basics that you have to have are personal injury up to $8,000 per person for every accident. Property damage liability for up to $5,000 per accident. Comprehensive coverage that has a fairly low deductible of $500 and the medical payments that cover at least $5,000 worth of coverage. These are the minimums, you can of course be insured for more and be aware that the method of determining how much is often subjective to a review of your driving record as well as other information.

If for example you have an accident and plow into a fence then $5,000 may conceivably be enough to cover it, but if you have a collision with another car then $5,000 is not going to get you very far in replacing it! So use some common sense when deciding on how much Massachusetts Car Insurance Cover to get, and if in doubt get a little more to be on the safe side.

In addition to the required insurance, there are other protections that the state law offers for automobile consumers; some of these deal with the deliberate selling, or misrepresenting a car that is commonly known as a lemon. The so called 'Lemon laws' provide for legal protection and restitution from the dealer if problems occur. The lemon is defined as a new or used car that has defects that impair driving and will provide protection for one year or 15,000 miles. Some automobiles are not covered under the lemon laws but they are mostly vandalism and off-road vehicles. All in all the Massachusetts auto insurance does cover a lot of protections for both the owner and operator of the car as well as the passengers involved, and so it is well worth checking out some quotes right now to see what is available for your circumstances, and what it might cost you.


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