How to Get Classic Car Insurance in Canada  

How to Get Classic Car Insurance in Canada

It can be hard to find the right classic car insurance for your vehicle unless you know what to look for. And this is especially true if you are looking for classic car insurance in Canada, where there is less choice than in the United States. Keep in mind that you need to get insurance for the way you use your car, or you could be paying overly high premiums for coverage you'll never use. If you only drive the car to and from antique shows and special events, your policy should reflect this fact. You can get insurance policies tailored to your way of driving and treating your classic car that will save you time and money. Specialty insurance companies also know how to deal with classic cars in ways that standard ones don't.

Ask your insurance agent about the difference between stated value and agreed value for your car. The best method for determining the payment that would be made on a claim for you car is usually agreed value. This reflects the increase in value that comes with a real classic. Most cars depreciate over time, but that isn't the case with your vehicle. You shouldn't settle for a low payout when you've put so much time and work into a car. Agreed value lets you and the agent set a price on your car that's not the same as book or market value, and gives you the right flexibility for your auto insurance policy.

You can find classic car insurance in the phone book, or by looking online. Be sure to visit a number of insurers, as each has different stipulations and ways of handling classic car policies. The definition of a classic will vary, depending on the insurer. Some set the date at 15 years, some at 25, and some at 30. Other companies will let you insure any classic or exotic vehicle, regardless of price, as long as it is collectible. Some insurers will also require you to stick to a specific low mileage, or will only insure certain makes of vehicle. The variety of classic car insurers guarantees that there will be one that fits your driving style. Some classic car insurers even offer tailor-made custom policies that fit your exact driving needs. Insurance rates can be low if you include only the coverage that you specifically need on your classic car.

As with normal automobile insurance, you'll have to be familiar with the laws of your province before you get insured. This lets you pick out the right coverage. You can get a quote via phone or online, or by talking to your local agent. It you already carry insurance on another car, you can ask the agent for that car what it would cost to get a custom policy for your classic vehicle as well. Finding the right policy to cover your classic car can save you a lot of trouble and headaches. Your car is probably worth more than many other cars on the road, and it's your responsibility to keep it covered the way it deserves. Protect your classic car with specialty auto insurance.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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