A Guide to Auto Insurance in Arizona (AZ)

From the Grand Canyon to the Petrified Forest, the Great Crater, and the amazing sights of the high desert, Arizona is a wonderful area in which to live and work. The things you're able to see in Arizona are diverse and interesting. Arizona, however, boasts a wide array of open spaces. The desert is assuredly interesting, and a short hop away from Arizona lays the city of Las Vegas, another great draw for those who live here.

You're going to be using your car a lot when you live in Arizona. Things aren't quite as closely spaced as you may be accustomed to. Cities tend to be many miles apart and the area requires a dependable vehicle and good Arizona Auto Insurance to make sure that you are properly covered on your journey, and to make sure that you get where you need to go.

Every state in the United States requires a minimum amount of car insurance to assure that you're covered and that your assets are safe. The same car insurance also covers the other driver as well as covering property that you may damage or that may be damaged as a result of the automobile accident.

Arizona is no different from the other states, except that the minimum coverage that is required is a little less costly and a little less in value than some other states require. You are still expected to maintain coverage and to have specific amounts of coverage for specific areas. In Arizona, you will need Uninsured or underinsured drivers auto insurance, as well as property damage insurance and bodily injury insurance to be carried on your Arizona car.

Arizona auto insurance tends to cost a little less because the crime rate here is slightly lower in many areas, the cities are fewer and further apart, and in most cases, you're going to be parking on a private property as opposed to a city street. There are exceptions to that rule, most notably cities such as Phoenix or Flagstaff or Tucson, however for the most part, you'll pay less for Arizona car insurance than you might expect.

The Arizona auto insurance minimums are slightly lower too, meaning that you'll be carrying less insurance if you carry just the state minimums on your car and you will receive a lower payout if you are involved in an accident, so you may want to rethink carrying just the minimum insurance coverage on your car.

Like most states the minimums existas a baseline amount and are designed to ensure that even those on the lowest wages can still drive legally in the state. In reality though the minimum amounts of cover would not be much use to you if you were involved in anything more than a very minor car accident, and so really, whilst knowledge of what the minimum auto insurance required in Arizona is, is clearly desirable to know, you should still be aiming to get greater levels of cover where finances permit.

The state of Arizona auto insurance requirements are as follows:

* Bodily injury insurance, with a liability limit per person in any accident, the requirement for this coverage is $15,000.

* The Bodily injury amount of coverage required for Arizona auto insurance for all of the people who are injured in the same accident is $30,000.

* For Property damage liability insurance, you are required to have coverage that is at least ten thousand dollars.

In many cases, the amount of coverage that you have will not adequately cover the medical expenses that are incurred by the other driver. This means if the accident is proven to be your fault, it is very possible that an attorney for the other occupants may seek out and obtain your assets. It is in your best interests to cover yourself adequately when you buy Arizona auto insurance.

All of us know how much medical costs can be, and so whilst it may be tempting to save a few dollars and go for the minimums, you could end up finding this a false economy. In any case, getting Arizona Auto Insurance Quotes is free, so get a few and try out some different scenarios to see the difference that changing the amount of any of those different elements covers you for, will make to the final cost of you car insurance policy.


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