A Guide to Auto Insurance in Maine (ME)

Applying for Maine auto insurance is a bit different from various other states around the country. It's important to understand the applicable state laws. Without the proper coverage you could wind up with a suspension, as well as hefty fees along the way. We understand you want a quality policy, but you also want to find the fastest and most inexpensive option out there. Today we're going to help you find both.

#1 The Right Information

When it comes to Maine auto insurance companies there are a host of things the agent is going to ask you. If you're not ready for them then the process is going to take much longer. Plus, it's possible that you will end up with a policy that doesn't cover all the essentials. Take a look below at all the things a policy provider in the state of Maine is going to consider when offering you insurance:

* Age/Gender - This will play a major role in deciding whether or not you're a "high-risk" driver in the eyes of your insurance company. Individuals who are students or teenagers usually have a higher cost as opposed to individuals in their thirties, forties, or older. Plus it does matter if you're male or female. Young male drivers tend to statistically pose the greatest risk to auto insurance companies, and hence a male 17 year old looking for Maine auto insurance will find that the costs of auto insurance will be considerably more expensive then his 26 year old sister, all else being equal.

* The Claim History - Insurance companies want to reduce their own personal risks as much as possible, so they WILL hit you with a claims history question. They want to know how many you have filed over the last 3 to 5 years. If it's a lot then chances are they aren't going to give you a good quote. There is very much an emphasis on 'past history' with all types of insurance, and this is equally as true of Maine auto insurance, where there is a personal liability element, and how much or how little you have claimed down the years will almost certainly influence how much you end up paying for your Maine car insurance cover.

* Credit History - A lot of people who need Maine auto insurance don't understand why their credit history is important. Well, you're going to have to pay the insurance company, and an individual with a 500 credit score is less likely to pay than someone with a 725 credit score. It's also possible that you will be charged more with a lower credit rating because the insurance company surmises that you are less likely to keep the policy for an extended period of time, and hence they will often endeavour to front-load the costs.

* Driving Record - This is an obvious question, because it tells your potential Maine auto insurance company what type of driver they're going to insure. In the state of Maine they want to know how many accidents or traffic violations you've been in over the last 3 to 5 years. The more you have the more they will think you are a higher risk. The end result is bigger premiums.

Clearly if the flip-side is true and you have a totally clean record, then this will help your costs favourably.

* The Other Information - There is a long list of other things you need to consider when purchasing Maine auto insurance. In fact, here is a list that revolves around the other areas that will be just as important:

* Territory
* Marital Status
* Prior Insurance Coverage
* Vehicle Use
* Make and Model of the Vehicle
* Licensed Drivers in Your Household

#2 Mandatory Laws

Just like the other 49 states, Maine has their own state laws that can vary from the others. In fact, no two states are alike; so it's important to know exactly what you need before purchasing a new policy. Here are the requirements that must be met by you in order to receive a policy:

* $50,000 for the injury to or death of any one person
* $100,000 for one accident resulting in injury to or death of more than one person
* $25,000 for property damage
* $2,000 for medical payments coverage

If you do not have any proof that states you're within the Maine auto insurance requirements then you will not be able to register the vehicle. Take the time to get a better understanding of all the laws so you can find the fastest way to get a quote and find the most inexpensive option.

Get a feel for what is available by quickly getting a few quotes and then comparing the terms and conditions of the different providers, and the levels of cover that are on offer.


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