A Guide to Auto Insurance in New Jersey (NJ)

What can you do if you live in New Jersey? A vast array of interesting and fun sights await you when you visit or relocate to the state of New Jersey. From the Delaware Water Gap, to Wildwoods, NJ, the premium destination for seashore fun, you will find something to do just around every bend. The Cape May area is famed for the whale watching tours, while Harrahs Casino will give you a wide array of fun and excitement.

Getting from one place to the other in New Jersey takes time and it takes a car. Of course, part of the whole auto experience is New Jersey auto insurance, and whilst it may not neccessarily be a 'fun' subject to contemplate, it is nevertheless an important one, because it is a very real safeguard against financial ruin.

The costs that you will incur if you are involved in an auto accident in New Jersey will be considerable. Not only are there the costs to repair any damage done to the car, but there is also the added medical expenses both for yourself and any injured parties, if it is decided that you were responsible for the accident. And taken together all of these expenses can literally run into tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, getting auto insurance in New Jersey is not simply a legal issue, it is also the only way you can provide yourself with a financial safety net if disaster should strike.

In any event, getting good value, cheap and affordable New Jersey Auto Insurance Quotes is now easier than ever, so there is no excuse not to be covered.

New Jersey requires that you have auto insurance. Nearly every state today has a mandatory insurance law as part of their state legislation and New Jersey is no different. Typically, any state that you go to will have legislation that will cover what you need top know about New Jersey auto insurance. In fact, most not only say that you need auto insurance, but they will also mandate the specific amounts that you need by way of minimum auto insurance cover in the state. In this regard New Jersey auto insurance requirements are actually somewhat less than you may find in other states.

Usually the amounts that you will need when you live in any state are expressed in this fashion 00/00/00/. This means that you require three different coverages of different types and offers you the amount that you need in order to register your car in that state. New Jersey mandated amounts are these:

Bodily Injury Liability of $15,000 per each injured party, for a total of $30,000 on each accident.

Damage to property liability with a minimal coverage amount of $5,000.

In New Jersey, the insurance companies are mandated to inform the Motor Vehicle department if you no longer carry insurance. If your insurance lapses or you cancel it, the insurance company will notify the state of New Jersey and they will send a letter requesting your proof of insurance. If you have not given the state proof that you have New Jersey auto insurance in a timely way, typically thirty days, the registration for your car will be canceled.

While you are required to have New Jersey auto insurance, it is not necessary to pay more than you have to for your car insurance in New Jersey. Getting good insurance can be done for a lower cost than you might imagine. Using the internet can help you to find comparison sites that will help you to compare coverage, costs, and even how good the customer service of individual New Jersey Auto Insurance Companies is before you finally buy the policies.

Check out every company that you are considering for your New Jersey auto insurance by getting some comparative quotes and also seeing if any of the terms and conditions of the auto cover vary.

If you shop around, you can use the internet in order to comparison shop for the best insurance that you can get in one place, so that you can see all of the sights that New Jersey has to offer, safe in the knowledge that you are properly covered if any unforseen motor accidents do occur.


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