A Guide to Auto Insurance in Oregon (OR)

Every driver in the state of Oregon must carry liability insurance at the very least. Mandated laws are in place to make sure that each individual will present proof of insurance if he or she is ever pulled over. It also must be registered with the DMV and provide the necessary paperwork or card that states you have coverage. So what happens if you're caught without the state standard policy?

Fees and fines will need to be paid, which includes any towing fees if your vehicle was impounded. It's also possible that you will have your license suspended until proof of insurance is shown. This can create a lot of issues in a person's daily obligations, so it's important to keep up with your Oregon auto insurance.

One of the biggest issues when getting pulled over without insurance is you receive a Class A misdemeanor. This comes with a substantial amount of fines and you could go to jail for up to 365 days.

Oregon Auto Insurance - The Basics...

Listen; about 5 years ago Oregon had a "middle-of-the-pack" cost for minimum coverage. So even if you can't add any additional features (we recommend you do), make sure the state requirements are upheld when it comes to your policy.

Liability coverage is mandatory and requires you to carry:

* $25,000 per person
* $50,000 per crash for bodily injury to others
* $20,000 per crash for damage to the property of others

You will also be required to carry Personal Injury Protection and Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage. These additions make your premiums go up a bit, but they are mandatory. You must hold:

* $15,000 per person for personal injury protection
* $25,000 per person for underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage
* $50,000 per crash for bodily injury regarding underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage

In order to save some money it's a good idea to read over the types of vehicles that are exempt from at least holding liability insurance on them. The majority of these revolve around farm trailers and tractors, vehicles that aren't used on the highway or public areas, electric personal assistive mobility device, as well as snowmobiles and a few others.

The bottom line though is that you drive a vehicle on the public roads in Oregon that you are going to need Oregon Auto Insurance.

Liability and Oregon Auto Insurance Cover

Since Oregon utilizes a Tort system, a lot of citizens in the state will add more coverage to their policies. This is because someone is always "at-fault" when it comes to the state laws. If you hit another vehicle then you are required to cover all damages. It's definitely something to consider, because a lot of households can not cover out-of-pocket for these types of costs which can quickly escalate into thousands.

Also, because of this it essentially means that there is the possibility that the costs of any auto accident you are involved in could potentially be doubled up. In other words you may end up being responsible not only for your own costs, but also the costs of the other party if you are found to be liable. And remember that this could include medical expenses which could potentially dramatically RAMP up the costs that you might have to bear.

Not a problem if you have good, comprehensive Oregon Auto Insurance, but possibly a very big problem if you don't, so think long and hard before just buying the bare minimum of cover.

We also get a lot of questions regarding how the insurance companies figure out your rates. There are several factors that come into play:

* Age
* Gender
* Married, Single
* Military
* Claims History
* Territory
* Credit History
* Deductible
* Security Devices
* Storage
* etc.

While some of them can cause your overall premiums to be higher, the others can also bring them down.

In order to get the most inexpensive rate it's highly recommended that you speak with an insurance specialist. They are trained to ask you all the necessary questions, which includes various discounts to help you save money.

Or if time is a factor, first do some window shopping online for different Oregon Auto Insurance Quotes to see how different rates compare between the Oregon Auto Insurance Companies.

Affordability and quality is the name of the game when it comes to getting a great deal on your Oregon auto insurance. So do your research, get some quotes now, and we know you will find a great deal around the corner.


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