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Understanding Classic Car Insurance Quotes - What Makes Classic Car Insurance Different?

Speciality classic car insurance is must to ensure that your pride and joy has the cover it requires to make it through another 50 years!

Driving and owning a classic car is often the fulfilment of a lifetimes ambition, saving and dreams. And once you are finally in a position to own a classic car you will inevitably want to show it off by taking it to trade fairs, track meetings, rallies and other special events where you can make everyone else jealous of your impressive motor car! All this is great. But inevitably with such events there is always the danger of damage to your pride and joy, and because the autos are by their very nature older, you also need to ensure that you are covered in the event of mechanical problems. This is where speciality classic car insurance can help.

Classic car insurance can give you that peace of mind of knowing that should the worst happen you are covered against the high costs of repairs, or replacing parts in sports, high performance, imported, classic, cherished and vintage cars.

Additionally, most classic car policies will offer 'guaranteed values' which means that the amount of love, care and attention that you have lavished on your classic car will actually be reflected in the insurance value. This is important because one-mans vintage Bentley is going to be worth a lot more than an others depending on the condition, mileage, restoration levels etc.

Another area in which classic car insurance will differ from ordinary auto insurance is that there is likely to be restricted mileage clauses, so that the less miles you do in your classic car, the cheaper the cover will be!

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