Equine Insurance - The Easy Guide to Horse Insurance  

Equine Insurance - The Easy Guide to Horse Insurance

Horses are important members of our families, just as cats, dogs, birds, iguanas, snakes, and other household related pets are. Unfortunately for us, however pleasurable it may be to have a horse as a pet, the cost of veterinary care for horses is absolutely ridiculous at times. Whether your horse is a member of your family or you own or operate a stable and your horses are your livelihood, the cost of routine services and medical emergencies for horses can get outrageous, so to make horse ownership that much more bearable and enjoyable, equine insurance is there to help take some of the equine related stresses off of your back.

Mortality Insurance for Horses

Mortality insurance is just one half of a horse insurance policy, and not every horse health insurance policy has mortality insurance in it. Mortality insurance for horses is the equine equivalent of life insurance for people. This type of insurance recognizes horses as an investment that people make in their horses, as they usually don’t come very cheap as it is. Depending on what your horse is worth in dollar amount and if they are a working horse or make you money in some other way, you could get anything from partial to full coverage for the loss of your horse.

Health Insurance for Horses

Horses are also eligible for regular health insurance policies, just as dogs, cats, and other exotic pets are eligible for health insurance policies. They cover accidents and illnesses that may befall the horse as well as dental care and dental injuries, and even tack fees. Equine health insurance policies normally cover routine check ups for horses and preventative care as well, to keep the number of large claims down to a minimum. Common horse illnesses like rain rot, mud fever, internal and external parasites, and even infections of the ear, a wound or anything else. Cancer and other major injuries like broken bones or fractures are covered.

Other Types of Equine Insurance

In addition to mortality and health insurance for your horse, there are other types of insurance policies that a horse owner should look into, such as liability insurance for injuries that might be caused on or relating to your horse, coverage for the trainers and anybody else who associates with the horse and even insurance for transporting the horse back and forth to shows, other stables, or events.

There are a lot of potential components and parts to an equine insurance policy, but at the very least health insurance is a must for all responsible horse owners. Equine insurance policies definitely are not the most affordable, but then again neither are vet bills for medical services rendered to a horse. Equine health insurance policies are only sensible options for those who own horses; without insurance horses would be just too expensive for many extremely capable horse owners and lovers out there.


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