Mature Pet Insurance - How The Age of Your Pet Can Affect Your Ability to Get Pet Insurance  

Mature Pet Insurance - How The Age of Your Pet Can Affect Your Ability to Get Pet Insurance

There are a number of instances where you will need to purchase insurance for an older animal. You may have realized that pet insurance for your aging cat or dog might be a good idea, or you might have adopted a pet that is an adult or even elderly. As you start the search for mature pet insurance, you might be frustrated by how often you see the phrase "the best time to buy insurance is when your animal is very young." Keep in mind that most pet insurance premiums are adjusted, meaning that they will rise with time, and in the end, you'll probably still be paying a higher rate for your animal than you would when he was young.

There are several reasons why the age of your pet affects the cost of your insurance and even the availability! Essentially, insurers will sell you insurance on the basis and the hope that you will not need to use it. An older animal is considered more of a risk because he or she might begin to need care sooner and more regularly than a younger animal will. Thus, it is in the best interest of the insurers to cover animals that will only need the care in emergency situations. Some insurers go out of their way to make sure that the animals are healthy, refusing to insure pets that came from the animal shelter. This practice is particularly troublesome if you adopt most of your animals from shelters!

As most insurance polices are not set in stone, you will want to talk with the insurance representative who is handling your application. A full physical exam can go a long way towards reassuring a hesitant insurance provider that your pet is healthy. Similarly, referring the good care you are going to provide will help odds in your favor. For instance, if you have an indoor cat, emphasize the fact that the cat will not be exposed to parasites and will not wander into traffic.

Similarly, you can see if you can opt out of certain aspects of the insurance and try reducing the price. Many policies will cover emergency boarding and housing for your animal if you are called away on business or for some other reason cannot provide care. If you have relatives who will be responsible for the animals, you can try to get that clause removed.

If you are buying pet insurance for an older animal, you will more than likely be asked to pay a higher premium. There is not much getting around this, but you can always shop around looking for a policy that best fits your needs. There are many policies out there that will suit you, even if you are looking into covering an older pet!   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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