Pet Insurance Online - Who Are The Biggest Pet Insurance Providers in the US?  

Pet Insurance Online - Who Are The Biggest Pet Insurance Providers in the US?

There are 65 million dogs in the United States of American and nearly 80 million of their feline companions. In total, the American pet consumer industry spends more than $30 billion on pet products, including everyday items like toys, training aids, and accessories, food, and veterinary care. As a matter of fact, veterinary care takes up a great deal of the total amount of the money that is spent on caring for our pets in total.

Just as you purchase health insurance for yourself and your children, don’t you think it might be a good idea to pursue some type of medical insurance for your pets as well? After all, the cost of a medical procedure for Fido can get up there in cost very quickly and we don’t always have that kind of cash on reserve, especially for medical emergencies pertaining to our pets.

Luckily for pet owners and lovers across the world, pet insurance policies are available for purchase on the World Wide Web, and they can help to cover some of the most common pet emergencies and medical situations. Different pet insurance companies have different types of policies, covering a variety of medical scenarios. Some of the more popular and reputable pet insurance companies that one would be able to find information online about are:

*ShelterCare Pet Insurance

-One of the most popular pet insurance companies online. The average cost for one pet is in the neighborhood of $30 a month, with a promotional month at the beginning of the policy. They don’t cover pre-existing conditions, but they do cover large medical events like cancer in pets.

*PetCare Pet Insurance

-PetCare pet insurance can be obtained for about $30 per month as well. They cover most medical events for a set deductible of $50 per event, and they are known to cover cancer and other major medical events and they offer discounts for multiple pets on a policy.

*PetPlan Veterinary Pet Insurance

-PetPlan veterinary pet insurance covers the normal pet illnesses as well as cancer, and one of the advantages to this plan over others is that it also covers sterilization for most pets as well.

*Pet Assure USA Pet Insurance

-Monthly payment varies between plans, but Pet Assure carries policies that cover major pet illnesses and cancer, although sterilization is not covered.

Some of the most common illnesses and injuries that befall our beloved companions include such things as different types of cancer, infections in the body, fractured and broken bones, and even Parvovirus, an illness that can be fatal to young dogs.

Treatment for any one of these illnesses can easily get into the thousand dollar range and instantly become a financial burden and stress. What if it didn’t have to be, though? This is what pet insurance is for, and it can help make those unexpected veterinary expenses a lot more manageable in the end. Responsible pet ownership is about taking care of your pet’s medical needs and pet insurance from any one of the major providers in the United States can help you do that.   Site Map - About Us - Contact Us - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy

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